Getting tired of your home décor is common.  For some people this happens every season when the new arrivals come in.  For others it happens every few years.  If you are one of those who is constantly wanting to update their home then there are a few things that you have to know.  Here are the insider tips that are going to help you to have a beautiful home.

Throw Some Throw Pillows Out

There are few things that can update a room like throw pillows.  You can pick up throw pillows in seasonal patterns and colors along with all of your favorites.  Picking up different throw pillows throughout the year that are going to update your home is one of the best ways that you can create a new look.  Best of all throw pillows are not going to break the bank which means that you can actually choose different throw pillows to fit your mood.  You can easily store the rest in a tote when they are not in use.

Re-purpose Old Items

There are so many different ways to re-purpose old items.  Thrift store finds like vases and plates can be mix and matched to create interesting place settings or unique displays.  If you have old furnishings that have seen better days then you can pick up some easy to use chalk paint and make those items look new and in style again.  It does not matter what types of old items you are re-purposing as long as you are using them for something that you love.

Mix and Match

Not everything in a home or in a room needs to match.  Instead of buying a set of living room furniture, pick out your favorite pieces and mix and match them to create a space that you love.  Pick out things like new lampshades and mismatched table and window coverings to really liven up any room and give it a unique eclectic feel.

Get Creative with Paint

There are a ton of unique updates that you can do with paint.  You can paint parts of furnishings for instance the inside of a cabinet or shelving unit.  Creating unique patterns with wall colors or painting trim a unique color that is going to make a room pop are just a few additional ways that you can update a room with paint.

Choose Items Not Typically Associated with that Room

One great way to change things up a bit and make a room more interesting is to pick out things that do not usually go in that room and incorporate them into the décor.  You can hang different shapes and sizes of serving platters on the wall in the living room to create a uniquely beautiful wall display.  Adding flower to places where you would not typically find them is also a surprisingly simple way to help make a room feel clean and open.  Something about flowers makes everyone feel as though they are enjoying the outdoors.

Mix and Match Shapes and Sizes

Finally if you are going to be hanging things on the wall it is a great idea to mix and match shapes and sizes.  If you have too many items that are just one shape then it is expected and slightly boring.  Choosing a wide range of shapes and sizes makes it interesting.

If you are not a homeowner there is no need to feel down.  You can still do a number of things to update your home and create new looks that are not going to upset any landlords.  Plus you are not going to have to make sure that things go back to normal before you move out.  So make the most of it and live in a space that you have created to be perfect for creating new memories.