Almost every successful small business will be faced with the decision to relocate at some point along their path to expansion. You might also be looking for lower costs, better quality of living, access to a new workforce, or simply a more visible location. While odds are that moving to your new location will be a positive step for your company, don’t rush the process. If you consider renovating your store or office building before you move in, it will save you money in the future and also limit business interruption. Here are five essential areas you should take a look at.

5 Essential Business Renovations When Your Business Relocates

1. Security

It’s important to understand how vulnerable your new location may be to crime, which includes factors like how visible it is from the street, how secure the doors and windows are, and where employees and customers park their cars. Installing more secure doors and windows, complete with keypads and glass break detectors, can protect against theft and save you money on business insurance.

2. Insulation

Older buildings have insufficient insulation, or insulation that has not been replaced often enough. Adding insulation, especially energy-efficient types like fiber glass or rock wool, pays for itself very quickly. Your utility bills will be lower when the interior of the building stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Evaluate the area that needs to be insulated and compare different materials and prices, because there are a lot of options available.

3. Air Conditioning

Most older air conditioning systems need to be replaced after about seven years, and a new, more efficient cooling system will make every corner of the building cool and comfortable for your customers and employees. Replacing or repairing the commercial HVAC systems in a building is also an important way to save on energy bills, especially during the summer months. Take the time to find a system that works with your particular infrastructure.

4. Flooring

There’s nothing that can bring down the look of your store or office as fast as old carpeting. Carpet that has not been replaced in a long time is more than an eyesore, it’s also a breeding ground for allergy and health problem-inducing bacteria, dust, and mold. The switch to hardwood or vinyl flooring will make the office easier to maintain, and it may make the air in the building easier to breathe.

5. Furniture

Deciding which furniture and decor from your old location to keep and which to discard is an inevitable part of the relocation process. Look for furniture buyback programs in the area and consider making your store or office more streamlined and modern. If you’ve been using an array of different pieces, now may be a great time to make everything match. You also have to check computers, appliances, and other equipment that is essential for day-to-day business operations.

Before you set up shop in any building, you have to make sure it is up to code and there are no glaring issues with the space. You should assign employees you trust to oversee important renovations and relocation plans. Choose your new location wisely and make it the best it can be, and your company will enjoy continued growth and success for years to come.