Are you tired of your current location in life? Maybe things are going great for your business, but you’re just not enjoying where you’re living now. If you’re business is struggling, it may be time to make some major changes. There’s no better time in life than now to pack up your entire business and move to Hawaii. Here are a few reasons.

Employee Morale

Have you noticed your employees around the office lately? They’re tired, possibly sluggish, and they’re most definitely not happy. A change of scenery could turn that all around. Before making this decision, you should understand that it’s not possible for every employee to go with you. Some may have situations that prevent them from moving their entire life, and that’s fine, there are a ton of people in Hawaii, and you could always hire more.

For those that do go, though, they’ll be extremely happy for the change of scenery. After work, they can take a quick drive down to the ocean and swim, relax in a hammock as the sun sets, then head to a Luau. Every single day would be like a vacation. There’s a reason that Hawaii is both the least stressful and most enjoyable state.

6 Reasons To Move Your Business To Hawaii

Internet Speeds are Lightning Fast

Once your business has moved to Hawaii, you’ll have to check out Hawaiian Telecom. They offer great business Internet packages with lightning fast speeds. For those employees that had to stay behind, they’ll have the option to work from home. Thanks to cloud storage, you’ll be able to create, edit, and share documents. With programs like Skype, you’ll be able to include them on conferences and make voice calls.

Building Prices

Even though Hawaii’s business population is booming, most buildings are still fairly affordable. In many cases, the buildings can be leased at a fairly cheap price. It’d be wise to look online at buildings currently available, see their price per square foot, and compare it to the price you’re paying now. It’s extremely possible that you’re paying more for a place that isn’t even a fraction of how beautiful and stress-free Hawaii is.

In many cases, since you’re relocating, you’ll lose employees. If you retain these employees and they can work from their home, you can downsize your physical office. Moving to Hawaii could potentially save your business thousands of dollars annually.

The Environment

Hawaii has roughly the same temperature year-round. Because there are so many people from every corner of the world in Hawaii, there’s a ton of diversity. Between the amount of things to do, the way of life, and the food, you and your employees will never get bored. Since there’s so much to do and the Internet is always fast, you can allow your employees to work from home so they can stay outside and enjoy the day.

Access to New Customers

Since Hawaii is such a melting pot of people, moving your business will allow you to reach a group of customers that you couldn’t reach before. This will branch out your business and dramatically increase your global presence. Once those tourists fly back to wherever they came from, they’ll potentially mention your business to all of their friends and family members.

New customers drive new business. New business brings new money. With that new money, you’ll be able to either bring more people on to ease the workload on everyone, or expand your business.

Tax Credit for Solar and Wind Energy

If your business uses solar energy in any way, this will definitely benefit you. Hawaii Energy Tax Credits now allow corporations to claim a 20 percent income tax credit on the cost of equipment and installation of a wind system and 35 percent of the cost of equipment and installation of a solar thermal or photovoltaic in a push to get businesses to be more energy efficient.

In certain cases, the tax credit can be refundable under certain conditions. For solar energy systems, a taxpayer can reduce the eligible credit amount by about 30 percent, and if this reduced amount exceeds the amount of income taxes scheduled to be paid, the excess credit will be refunded to the taxpayer.

There are plenty of reasons to pack up and move your business to Hawaii. You might hit some snags on the way, which is to be expected, but the cost of operation could potentially decrease and you could reach a market that you never had before. Have you ever relocated your business? Did it have a huge impact on your bottom line?