Your phone is a large part of your life and there is no denying this. In fact, a Nielsen Study says that over 35% of adult Americans sampled even take their devices to the bathroom. From banking, video shooting, photography to editing, modern phones are gradually moving away from traditional calling roles.

Well, all this is good until your large storage gadget falls into the wrong hands. The issue of cost is not what jumps to mind, but your privacy. In your phone, you have stored personal images, private messages, and sensitive office data, and if this falls into the wrong hands, your goose is cooked.

Ingenious Privacy Solution

Most likely you are now fretting over what would happen to those baby photos that are innocently stored in the device. Well, they might end up with a psycho or you might be lucky nothing will happen. To avoid taking chances, LEOMASTER has created a privacy protection app that goes further than what conventional lock apps do.

Leo Privacy Guardis designed to help you relax by enabling you to lock all your messages, videos, photos, call logs, apps and any other content you have in your phone. It is a comprehensive solution to any fears you might have when someone else handles your handset. In fact reviewers are already calling this the most functional and trusted Android privacy protection.

Why you need LEO Privacy Guard

You might be thinking, why do I need another app to slow my phone yet I already have a security code? You just need to look at some of these factors to understand why this is not your usual run-of-the-mill app. Take a look.

  1. All Round Protection

Once you install the Android app, you have power in your fingers. All you have to do is click on the app you want to lock and no one will ever be able to do anything using it. Whether you want to hide your videos and photos or you don’t want your boyfriend to read your WhatsApp messages, it is all up to you.

  1. Multipurpose Functionality

One of the best things about using this LEOMASTER app is the fact that not only does it guarantee your phone’s privacy, but also enhances performance. As a Smartphone user, you love apps; in fact, it is an insatiable need and eventually this slows your phone.

At times, there are multiple apps running in the background while others are still updating. LEO Privacy Guardstops these operations in the background and you can also delete any junk files present to enhance performance of your handy device.

  1. Eye Catching Theme

Unlike most apps in the market, these developers have expended some energy in coming up with creative designs that will not remove that sleek finish off your phone. Your phone lock screen will be just as amazing as your gadget.

  1. Easy To Use Interface

While this privacy app is so applicable, it does not need an IT guru to install and customize. Once you download from Google Play, you will start by creating a security pattern in order to start locking your apps. You can select the themes, mode and app cover. The security level of your phone will also be shown on the screen under the settings in order to prompt you to upgrade if need be.

Without doubt, Leo Privacy Guard is one of the most refreshing apps in terms of phone privacy. It is not only effective, but you will also have fun using it.