Once you are done with your HCG diet program, you will still have to follow a strict dietary regimen in order to maintain your new weight. If you go back to gorging on food, then you will just end up regaining the weight you lost. Below, we look at five cooking tips that will help you manage your weight post HCG.  

5 Cooking Tips to Help You Manage Weight

Ditch Fat

Tip number one – minimize fat while cooking. So, if you have been searing your meat in too much oil, then get a nonstick pan and sear the meat will less oil. Most people end up using too much fat for frying, searing, etc. and never realize that they are packing on excess weight in the process. And if you have been relying on fats to add flavor to your foods, then start thinking out of the box. Experiment with spices and herbs, and you will soon find yourself coking flavorful, yummy meat dishes while using very little fat.

Replace Flour

If you use white flour for many of your dishes, then try cutting down on it. In fact, using refined carbs like white four contributes to weight gain and type 2 diabetes. So, instead of flour, start using healthier alternatives like cornstarch, oat bran, and so on. Not only will they give your body the essential nutrients, but will also make you feel fuller which eventually helps you in controlling your hunger.

Vegetable Cuts

When you cut vegetables into small sizes, you are exposing them to a lot of oil. In contrast, when you dice the vegetables into big chunks and then cook them in oil, only a smaller amount of oil becomes attached to the outside of the vegetable. As such, it is recommended that you avoid dicing vegetables too small when preparing a dish. Additionally, you should also pat dry the pieces. This will stop the oil from being absorbed by the vegetables during the cooking process.  

Chicken Skin

When using chicken, make sure that you remove the skin before cooking it. One piece of chicken skin of the breast is estimated to have about six grams of fat and about 70 calories. Therefore, cooking with chicken skin only ends up contributing to your weight. So, when in the mood for chicken, only eat dishes which are cooked without skin.

Beware Of Sauce

Many people use varieties of sauces in their cooking, unaware that these sauces contain high levels of sodium that can end up making you fatter. For example, just one teaspoon of hot sauce is estimated to have about 10% of your daily sodium requirement. So, if you add about 4 or 5 teaspoons into a single dish, and then add even more hot sauce in other dishes throughout the day, you are guaranteed to get fatter.

And in case you are preparing for the HCG diet, remember to check out the list of recommended food items. There are many approved foods for the HCG diet, and it is recommended that you strictly follow them for best results.