Every month a list of new games has been published on the Play Store. Mobile gaming is getting bigger and better one every month, here is the list of best selected awesome games. So you choose your best one. It’s time to make room for your selection. There is still something for everyone, as usual. Whether you are big player or more casual player.


A game for skaters, Developed by skaters. You can control your shoes with touch screen, most fun and in skating, This is one of the first game for Android users. Here, far from a Tony Hawk Pro Skater, You can literally skate in any shoe you want, and you can  do tricks with a strong focus on flow of tricks and runs.

It is very fun to play and incorporates many brands of this particular universe for more realism. You will also have the opportunity to fully customize your avatar. A safe bet if you are fans of skateboarding.

Sky Force Reloaded

If you like shooter on Android, the developer Infinite Dreams have released a new version of its flagship game in the month June. Successor to the Sky Force 2014, Great 3D experience for android lovers, battles with enormous bosses. You can collect new planes and buff cards, Sky Force Reloaded, you can collect  human survivors in between blasting, Sublime graphically.

Heroes of Loot 2

Heroes of Loot 2 continues on its excellent momentum. Epic dungeon slashing experience, our heroes needed a new job.  Dungeons go with one purpose in mind:

The loot! Find new weapons, new armor and more powerful equipment for your heroes. A formula that has always worked in video games, and it is here perfectly expressed by the developer. A very good game, Do not miss.


Action games, shoot or adventure, that’s fine. Mind games, a genre that is particularly suited to the platform. This month, it’s Mekorama, which has managed to catch our eye, this puzzle game is based on the turning of the environment and change the perspective in order to solve its puzzles and move to the next level. The game is completely free, the only data payment options are a simple gift and thanks to the developers.

Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari

As you know, same name, Crossy Road play. Gameplay and a very simple style that was developed by Yodo1 Games. This proves this month that it is still capable of a bit more with its new production.

Stampede Rodeo is an endless runner with identifying wild animals: you have to make the rodeo and animal change regularly to reach the end. Catch and befriend animals of all shapes. Very cute with its pixel style, it also allows to become friends with animals and collect photos of these.