From Ryan Gosling to Kim Kardashian and of course Justin Bieber, ordinary people have been spending thousands of dollars to look exactly like their favorite celebrity for years. There is no doubt that the majority of celebrities are some of the best-looking individuals. It is also speculated that the majority of celebrities have had some form of cosmetic surgery. With that being said, just because your favorite celebrity is attractive and might have received plastic surgery, that doesn’t mean a two or ten procedures will make you look like them. Basing your decision to get plastic surgery on a celebrity’s looks might be a red flag to your surgeon. Using your idols as inspiration for your look is one thing, but full on trying to look like a famous figure is not the best route to take. You might end up like Toby Sheldon, a Justin Bieber fan who took it too far.

Should You Select A Look-alike?

Being and Becoming the Best Candidate

When considering plastic surgery, it is important to keep in mind that not everyone is the best candidate for every procedure. There are a lot of factors that go into making a good candidate, and improving your chances could take time. Although nothing will ever be perfect, the better prepared you are for cosmetic surgery, the better your results should be.

First things first, any person considering cosmetic surgery should be in good health. Any candidate with a serious health problem should not undergo surgery, especially if they are attempting to fix a major problem. Alongside good health, being at your ideal weight before your surgery is one of best advantages in a good candidate. If you are preparing to get plastic surgery, losing weight and toning your muscles through an exercise and nutrition plan is the best way to avoid issues such as loose skin. It is important to exercise regularly to maintain good health and the benefits of your procedure after you have surgery as well.

There are more than a few things to avoid before and after surgery, but some of the main ones include tobacco, alcohol and caffeine. All of these will affect your recovery, especially with the quality of your outcome and the healing of your skin.

Good Health to Healthy Motivations

Healthy motivations are not what make you go to the gym every day after work. However, having emotionally sound motivations are key for plastic surgery. Surgeons often find that a lot of candidates who come in for consultations are looking for plastic surgery to fill some other void in their life. If plastic surgery is fulfilling some other negative part of your life, it is not the right decision for you. You should feel comfortable with yourself before your procedure, because having a surgery to fix your insecurity may not necessarily boost your confidence post surgery.

It has also been found that depression and cosmetic surgery are often associated or tied to a person interested in a single or multiple procedures. This is not to be taken lightly. Someone who suffers from depression or who is emotionally unstable is not advised to get plastic surgery. Another unhealthy motivation to plastic surgery is an obsession. Just how many of these individuals underwent extensive surgeries to become just like their celebrity idol, they had unhealthy motivations, which may ultimately lead to worst outcomes than someone who is interested in looking slightly younger or getting fuller lips. Overall, cosmetic surgery is meant to help you reach the more ideal you and feel more comfortable in your own skin, not to look like someone else or become a different person.

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