Running shoes aren’t just designed with looks in mind, you’ll be surprised by the technology used by different trainers to optimise performance. Different brands and styles have proven benefits to help your performance, however not all trainers are suitable for everyone, trainers can be designed to help with pronation, ankle support and other issues for runners. Here’s a look at four trainer styles to benefit different runners.

Short Distance: Adidas Boost

With a list of models released since 2013, the Adidas trainer is most famously known for its bouncy Boost sole that makes running more comfortable. The soles iconic style looks like raw foam with have been moulded into the right running shape, having a lightweight springy sole is ideal for short distance running and road running, the soft sole on hard roads reduces foot pain after the run. Boost trainers have a massive fan base but some find that Adidas focus more on the looks rather than offering additional support for longer runs.

Long Distance: Asics Kayano

For over 20 years the Kayano trainer has been a top choice for long-distance runners. It’s one of the lightest long distance trainers available, and through the years has only advances in its technical aspects. Compared to the Boost or other trainers it might seem heavier and have less spring in its step, but the Kayano is proven to be the perfect trainer for long distance. Flytefoam in the sole helps keep the last mile as comfortable as the first, and its rigid build means the trainer will perform for years without losing shape, a beneficial feature for anyone who roles their foot around the outside of the trainer whilst running. The ankle support and overall premium build means the trainer supports your ankles constantly and reduces the chance of getting fatigued during important runs.

Gym All-rounder: New Balance Zante

New to the running market, the Zante might look like a trendy trainer but it’s completely designed for performance purposes. If your trainers are for gym use the Zante is an ideal choice, Fresh Foam gives the sole a durable bouncy style for running on a treadmill and its Hyposkin upper trainer makes every wearer feel like it’s the perfect fit. It’s a lightweight trainer to compete with the Adidas Boost, the Zante is also ideal for weightlifting and all round gym use. Plus, they look great which is always a positive point.

Heavy Terrain: Under Armour Horizon

Just by looking at the trainer you can see it’s designed with bad weather in mind. Road running can be dangerous in the evening without the right trainers, the Horizon trainer reduces that risk and makes running on different grounds more enjoyable. The sole has a tank like tread to grip to different terrain, grass, rain and snow become much easier to run over in the Under Armour trainers. Its durability doesn’t stop there either, it has a polyurethane skin that keeps water out and protects the breathable mesh from getting damaged.

For running, trainers are the biggest impact on your running performance so it’s worth investing a little extra in buying a good quality pair. Mens and womens activewear can also enhance performance too, buying compressions leggings helps to supports your muscles during any exercise and reduces aches during and after a run. Mens gymwear isn’t just about buying what looks best, a bit of research or a recommendation will change your run completely in future.