Home is where the heart is, that’s what an old adage says about home. And in our lives, it is one of the most treasured assets, and we all do everything we can in order to make it look good. But often, we feel as if there was something more than we might have done to make it look more beautiful, it may be from reshaping everything or putting some subtle touches around the corner. Well, as the luck may have it, you have landed to the right place where we would help you in making your home more delightful and also find the best packers and movers in Bangalore.

  1. Paint: It is a well-known thing amongst painters that in order to make any space look big, it has to be painted in light colors, and that is the reason why most interior designers would insist on painting while undertaking an assignment pertaining to revamping a house. Darker colors are well suited where space is sufficiently high.
  2. Use decorative lights in hall: Halls tend to have a lot of space, and hence you can go ahead and add a big decorative light at the very center of the hall to make it look, be sure to get a suitable color, for instance, if you have painted your hall in light color, then make sure that you get the decorative light in dark color. It adds a new dimension to your house. If possible, use it along with some decorative mirrors.
  3. Patterns: Mix them up, the more the better, it is important to make sure that the patterns match up with your personality and describes the value that you hold, sometimes when the patterns do not align with your personality, you tend to feel more uncomfortable. For instance, if you are more of a pacifist and it all blended in dark colors, you won’t feel the pattern too comfortable and may think that the house has bad vibes, but in such cases, the problem is not vibes but the interior.
  4. Add comfort: Designing and all this holds nothing if there is no comfort, so pay a lot of attention to it, ensure that you make a lot of provision for it, try to enhance the comfort part as it is never perfect.  Add some couch and bean bags, pillow coverings etc.
  5. Photos: They are sweet memories and you would definitely want to frame them, if you don’t, then it is strongly recommended that you do, because that tells the story of you and your family, remember there are two reasons for conducting interior designing – one is to feel better yourself and the second is to make a style statement in front of those who visit your house, make sure that both are well balanced.

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