Having gone past the use of making phone calls, sending an SMS, etc. and other ‘primordial’ features in the smartphone industry, today mobile phones have much more features and benefits in store for us. Given the plethora of apps available in App Store and Google Play, today the app development industry is coming up with creative and distinct solutions with each passing year. Among other unique factors that attract the global smartphone user base, an app’s design contributes greatly to the overall acceptance and success of the app. The investment in creating unique app designs started to make an impression in 2016, while the trend is only going to ride intense through 2017 and beyond.

Understandably the app design is a dimension in the app development industry that offers a boundless play field for designers. So it’s better to gather the trends that promise to hold the maximum potential for all the future designs in upcoming versions of iOS, Android and Windows devices.

  1. Improved UI for gestures

The inclusion of new and upgraded gestures calls for a much superior mobile app in terms of UX, retention, and usability. The element of how perfectly gestures have been incorporated in the UX determines the success of the app greatly. While the focus for developers to add latest gestures in the app to make it more content-centric and interactive is only going to gather momentum throughout 2017. For instance, we will most probably witness the UX experts will be using Tamagotchi gestures all over the design to cater the much anticipated human touch. The point of adding new gestures is to make the mobile experience richer than ever.

  1. Wearable devices gaining ground

Despite the low key presence and usage of smart watches and fitness wearable’s last year, the year 2017 has experienced a drastic improvement in the number of adoption rate of such gadgets. Take Apple Watch for instance, which has become a sensation that offers a plethora of apps in the business. Related devices such as fitness sensors and other sports related gadgets are also gradually gaining hold through an encouraging consumer feedback. Given the room for additional creativity and improvisation, developers across the globe in the wearable’s industry are going to capitalize the opportunity with open hands.

  1. Adaptive typography will start to rule

Since ancient times, mobile app designs have been revolving around the elements of layouts, content type, navigation, etc., while typography was nowhere in the works. But in 2017 the case has gone otherwise.

Typography is now intensely used to enhance user experience. While the major features in the competition will be types of fonts, spacing between letters, and hierarchy between headlines and patterns. The purpose is to fabricate a design that makes content much legible and aesthetically pleasing than before.

  1. Material design

Material design is going to go strong throughout the year by sustaining its eccentric image in the app development industry. The core purpose of the trend was to simplify the user engagement factor across different mobile platforms. Take Google for example, whose Google Maps, Google Drive, YouTube, etc. are based on the same concept of material design. And these apps function seamlessly across both iOS and Android devices.

Final Words

Any individual or company excelled in mobile app development in UAE or other parts of the world should be well-aware of the above trends that are going to influence mobile app design for 2017 and future. All the trends unite under the grand objective of providing a better user experience, interface, and bridge the gap between reality and virtual concepts. And to serve the purpose rightfully and become the best fit in the app development industry, the professionals in the field must learn to adapt to latest trends and anticipated innovation on the horizon.