Anavar can be easily noted as the most popular steroid used by bodybuilders in the market today. While initially, the drug is not so popular for its unavailability and high price, later with increased production the price has substantially decreased and the popularity has also accordingly increased. Here, we are going to know about the drug called Anavar dosage for bodybuilders.

Working of the Drug

The working of the drug involves working on the body by improving the re-growth of the muscle tissue for patients who are suffering from wasting diseases. Many bodybuilders around the world have found this drug to be very useful in enhancing their muscle growth and also in reducing the unwanted body fat.

Proper Dosage Of Anavar Explained For Bodybuilders

Side Effetcs

Just as like any steroids, the Anavar has also its own. Some of the potential side effects of the drug are increase in the bad cholesterol, decrease in the good cholesterol, may cause damage to the liver, may resulting in effecting the proper functioning of the kidneys, and also may cause damage to the heart functioning.

The Anavar intake may also result in some androgenic effects such as vice deepening and also in squaring of the jaw. Some other possible side effects may also occur such as increase in the visible body hair, and acne.

Dosage of the Drug Anavar

Although, the drug Anavar is most widely used by the bodybuilders from all around the world freely, in the way they want. However, it is recommended that the patients use it according to the prescription given by their doctors, as a safe measure to avoid any side effects. Now, we will find out about the drug Anavar dosage for bodybuilders.

While for women, the recommended dosage is 10mg per day, for men the recommended dosage is 30mg per day. This recommended dosage is only a starting point of usage.

According to the usage of many bodybuilders until now of the drug, the main purpose of the usage of the drug Anavar is to trim the stubborn belly fat from the abdomen within period of weeks, before entering into a tournament or a competition. This intake of Anavar helps the bodybuilder in gaining fitness in the tournament or competition that he or she is participating in.

Even the medical experts in the industry suggest the use of this Anavar drug only by athletes who are in the maximum physical condition that can achieve their gains and overcome the fitness levels that are required for them in order to participate in their sporting events.

Taking Anavar in a proper dosage as mentioned earlier in the article as prescribed by the medical experts, alongside a strict diet and fitness regimen, it is of sure that the patient can so easily achieve the weight loss and get rid of the unwanted hormonal effects. The person who has followed the same strategy can even have the advantage of gaining muscle strength, and can come out of those stubborn fitness plateaus.


All said, this drug called, Anavar is well suited for those seeking to gain body muscles and are in need to increase their strength of the body. Moreover, it is also well suited for all those who want to participate in any tournaments or sporting competition where there is use particularly of the body strength.