Selecting bridesmaid dresses can be one of the toughest parts of wedding planning.This can be a touchy topic that can quickly turn any good friend to an enemy if it’s not discussed in advance. Knowing tips that can help you make the right selections and keep your bridesmaids happy are ideal for this situation. If you want to enjoy your special event as much as possible, continue reading!

Tip #1: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

As much as you would like to make this process easier, it’s not a good idea to group all of your bridesmaids together. The more people you have in this group, the more likely you’ll want to get one dress for all your friends to wear at your wedding.

It may be a better idea to choose different styles of dresses for each of your bridesmaids, but keep the same color scheme. This will help accommodate all the various sizes of your wedding group without creating as much fuss.

Tip #2: Pay for the Dress

If you expect friends to take time out of their busy schedules to be in your wedding, you should consider paying for the dresses. The cost of formal gowns can be expensive, but so is your friends’ time; this can be your way of thanking the individuals in your wedding.

The average cost of a bridesmaid dress is $150-$200, so plan accordingly, and perhaps keep your bridal party on the smaller side.

Tip #3: Consider the Person’s Comfort

Just because you don’t mind going braless or wearing a strapless gown doesn’t mean your bridesmaids will feel the same way. Make an effort to speak to anyone you want to be in your wedding and discuss the type of gowns this person will feel comfortable wearing. Especially if you’re having a large wedding, there could potentially be hundreds of people in attendance, and this could impact your bridesmaids’ feelings on the topic.

Tip #4: Think about the Climate

Where you live and the time of year is an important thing to consider. If you’re getting married in the winter, you will want to consider a gown with long sleeves or one that has some type of an additional layer. Regardless if the wedding is inside or out, there’s certain to be some transitioning from the wedding venue to the parking lot.

Additionally, if you’re getting married in the heat of summer, you don’t want to select a heavy bridesmaids dress for your friends to have to endure.

Having the perfect wedding and considering the comfort of your bridesmaids is important for your continued friendship. Be sure to think of your friends’ opinions when considering the complete attire for your bridesmaids.