Choice is a wonderful thing but does it come at a price? As a women, we have the choice of having it all don’t we? We can study, have a career, chose when to have our families, if we want one at all. We have the income to afford good food and the knowledge and education to eat well, then there’s the benefit of access to excellent healthcare and lifestyle advice and as a result we will without doubt live longer than our parents and grandparents. So as we live longer and have our children later in life, the new sandwich generation has evolved. A generation of men and women who find themselves juggling a career whilst still caring and living with their growing teenage children at the same time as looking after their ailing elderly parents. Finding a balance can be hard and looking after the elderly can be especially so whilst trying to maintain a respectful distance.

Watching your parents get old is inevitable, we all get old together and it doesn’t happen instantly. You may start to notice small changes in the way the walk or in their energy levels. They might be perfectly capable of living and caring for themselves on their own but you will start to worry if you know they are going out shopping or spending a day gardening. What if they fall over and need help. What if they can’t get to the phone to call for help? You could make yourself ill worrying about things that might never happen but it’s a natural part of caring. Making a fuss will not help your relationship with them so perhaps it’s time to consider an elderly tracking device?

Does The Perfect Life Come At A Price

Now it may be a difficult thing to persuade your loved one to use but the devices such as the iSee:My Family tracking device are small and discreet. They can either be carried in a pocket or bag or worn around the neck on a lanyard or attached to clothing. As long as there is a GPS signal or WiFi you will be able to track the movements of your elderly relative via an app on your mobile phone and more importantly, you will be doing so at a distance respecting the privacy and independence of your loved one.

These devices are ergonomically designed so they are intuitive and easy to use even with conditions such as arthritis. As well as being able to track individuals, many devices have other functions. An SOS facility will offer extra protection as well as peace of mind for members of the family. Should your relative find themselves in an emergency or should they have a fall or accident then they will be able to call for help at the press of a button. This means that an alert will be sent to those on their contact list and help can reach them as soon as possible. Another useful facility is the no movement alert. This means that you will be sent an alert if the individual doesn’t move after a certain period of time. Alerting you means that you can make contact to see if they are alright.

Making life easy for you and your relatives may take a bit of time and planning but by using the latest technologies such as tracking devices and apps you will find that they will relieve you of a great deal of worry and let you get on with your day safe in the knowledge your loved ones are protected.