Everyone has some bad habits that they wish that they could stop forever. Some habits are minor and will not affect everyday life in a big way. However, some people’s bad habits can affect their lives and even the lives of the people around them. These are habits that everyone should be trying to quit all the time, no matter what time of year it is.

Unfortunately, these habits that are the most dangerous are often the most difficult to stop as well. People will have to use some extra help or extreme measures in order to quit these habits for good. When it is a matter of a person’s health or safety, there is no reason why they should not start making some changes right away. Instead of waiting for the New Year to start a New Year’s Resolution, anyone can get started today to achieve their goals of a healthier, happier life. Here are five bad habits that everyone should quit before the New Year.

Binge Drinking

Having a couple drinks once in a while is not at all an issue, but many people stretch that number and partake in heavy drinking a couple nights every week. Drinking to excess is very dangerous for people of any age, and enjoying alcohol does not have to mean getting drunk. Everyone can cut down their number of drinks per week to create a healthier lifestyle.

5 Bad Habits To Quit Before The New Year


Smoking is another one of those habits that people are constantly trying to ditch. There is more evidence discovered every day that smoking is bad, so no one has a reason to believe that they should keep doing it. Many people have found success with various methods, including Smokeless Image Electronic Cigarettes and other replacement therapies.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

There are so many things to do each day and not enough time to do them. Many people compensate by staying up later at night to get everything done before the next day. This will not only hurt a person’s performance in all of their daily tasks, but it is also hurting their health over time. Everyone should restructure their schedule to allow for at least 8 hours of sleep a night.

Ignoring Signs of Depression

Depression is one of those scary silent illnesses that can affect everyone at some point in their lifetime. Ignoring the signs and symptoms of depression can lead to other very dangerous and life-altering health risks. Everyone has to make sure that they take care of themselves emotionally as well as physically.

Avoiding Exercise

Eating healthy is an essential part of maintaining a healthy weight, but it is not the only thing that people need to create an overall healthy body. Everyone should have a regular exercise routine that they can stick too, which can range from a daily 30 minute walk to an hour long weight lifting session. No matter what, everyone should find some way to exercise that they enjoy and that will work well for their lifestyle.