Pests, the small living beings create lot of problems for human beings. The sufferers take different steps to control these harmful creatures that are not only harmful for our health but our crops and other valuables. Pesticides have become the preferred choice of millions of users across the globe. One must be careful about their side effects on health. They can harm us as under:

  • Respiratory problems – Excessive use of pesticides to manage pests may result in respiratory disorders. Those exposed to pesticides are liable to fall victim to chronic bronchitis, wheezing, asthma or farmer’s lung. As such preventive measures should be taken against the ill effects of pesticides on one’s health. Services of eminent companies including Pest controllers Middlesex may of be great help in this regard.
  • Cancer – We come across many people that suffer from cancer because of their exposure to pesticides. Employees working with pest control service providers often suffer from cancer because they get involved in the use of pesticides. Such companies must take the preventive measures to save their employees from cancer.
  • Infertility – Persons that work on farms and are prone to pesticides may become infertile because of reduced number of sperm count. Taking foods affected with pesticides is also the cause of infertility amongst the men and women. One should be cautious while spraying pesticides in the homes or in the fields.
  • Brain disorders – Use of pesticides involving chemicals on regular basis may cause great damage to one’s brain. Those engaged in pesticide spray tasks may fall victim to MCD, i.e. mild cognitive dysfunction that may affect the speaking power. One may not be able to identify colors or numbers in usual manners if he or she is affected with the ill effects of pesticides.
  • Endocrine complications – Human reproduction may be affected badly because of specific blocked hormones due to exposure to pesticides. Those engaged in agricultural pesticides may be affected with testosterone blocking and other androgens etc that are a must for healthy male reproductive system. It may happen because of fungicides etc that are usually applied on the crops.
  • Irritated skin – Pesticides may result in skin irritation. Harmful chemicals in the pesticides put adverse effects on the gentle skin of the humans. It gets damaged to great extent because of infections and rashes etc due to the pesticides that contain chemicals.
  • Birth problems – Expectant mothers should be cautious about the ill effects of pesticides that may affect their offspring. Household sprays to kill the ants, garden insects and mosquitoes or fleas etc may harm the mothers and their children in great manners. The health of the unborn babies may get damaged. They may be affected with neural tube defects, limb problems or heart defects.

The human beings must be well aware of the above ill effects of pesticides that may lead to failure of one’s organs. It is suggested that services of eminent companies like Pest controllers Middlesex are availed to get rid of pests rather than using poor pesticides.