Many people think that only rum, coffee and cigars can be brought from Puerto Rico. However, when you look little closely, then it turns out that this is not at all the case. Cheap clothing from world brands, unique handmade crafts, unusual products – this country has something to surprise you! Shopping in the Caribbean islands is very interesting and definitely worth the time spent, and if you use Payless car rental in San Juan Puerto Rico, it will turn into real entertainment. The fact is that local roads pass in picturesque places of the island, and you can enjoy the local scenery while moving between shopping centers of the island.

The national currency of Puerto Rico is the US dollar. It’s better to exchange money before the trip, since on-site conversion conditions will be unprofitable. Cashless payment is possible in all major cities of the country, since ATMs can be found almost everywhere.

So, what can you bring from Puerto Rico?

Clothes and accessories

Puerto Rico features several duty free zones in the country. It’s very convenient that one of them is situated in San Juan. In the rest of Puerto Rico, shopping is also profitable: the tax on goods in the country is lower than in Europe. This rule doesn’t work only for jewelry.

Puerto Rico is one of the largest cotton producers, so locally-manufactured clothes are cheap there. Most often, tourists buy T-shirts and bags with the words of “Puerto Rico” or “San Juan” printed on them. We advise you to step a little further and look at the clothes of bright tropical or calm colors – it will serve you for a long time. From Puerto Rico, you can bring clothes for your children – they are natural, cheap, and beautiful.


(photo by Patrick Billings)

Many people mistakenly think that it’s possible to buy jewelry for cheap in Puerto Rico. In fact, this is the only product in the country that is subject to high taxes. Still, buying jewelry with emeralds and sapphires, which are mined in the region, is much more profitable in Puerto Rico than in Europe. Jewelry famous brands can be purchased at duty free shops. The choice is not too great, but the prices are nice.

Shopping centers

It’s believed that the best shopping in Puerto Rico and in the Caribbean in general is located in the business district of San Juan called Hato Rey. This is due to the famous Plaza Las Américas shopping center placed there. Prices for clothes and accessories are significantly lower than anywhere in the USA and Europe.

Such shopping malls as Plaza del Mercado, Las Catalinas Mall, the Mall of San Juan, and Plaza Carolina are also very popular in Puerto Rico. The latter is located a bit outside of San Juan. The best designer boutiques are located in the Condado metropolitan area.

Puerto Rico Shopping Center

(photo by Mark)


There are several large outlets in Puerto Rico, where shopping will be particularly beneficial. In San Juan, check out the Coach Outlet Store. For shopping in Canovanas, head to the Outlet Mall 66 or Belz Factory Outlet World. In Barceloneta, you can buy luxury items at Puerto Rico Premium Outlets.


Cosmetics and medicines

Puerto Rico is one of the largest manufacturers in the field of pharmaceuticals. Although most medicines in local pharmacies are only available on prescription, you can easily buy vitamins and dietary supplements at affordable prices. Most often, travelers choose capsules based on extracts of medicinal plants and herbal teas. Also, speaking of medicines in the Caribbean, you should always pay attention to various ointments and balms, because they are well-known for their curative features.


In San Juan, we recommend to visit the Marisel Herbal Bath & Body store, where you can buy excellent natural remedies – herbal ointments and care products. Natural soap, shampoo or oils are also a nice gift to bring from Puerto Rico.

Among the most unique cosmetics is a foaming bathing salt with exotic extracts and body powder based on natural fruits. On average, prices start at $3 per item.



It’s better to buy souvenirs in Puerto Rico in small shops in the historic part of San Juan. In Arecibo, go to the local flea market, which is the best in the country. If you‘re in Rincon, then set off to the Rincón Art Walk. Among the most interesting Puerto Rican souvenir shops are Mi Coqui in Ponce, the Caribbean Trading Company Store in Palmer and Rincon.

  • Tree coconut

Beautiful statuettes and plates are made of wood in Puerto Rico. An excellent gift for a woman can be a casket made from a nutshell. Also, this is a perfect material to make pretty vases in Puerto Rico.

Artisan Jenny from Arte Guavete, Puerto Rico

(photo by Jorge Quinteros)

A very popular souvenir from the Caribbean islands is models of boats and ships. They will be especially interesting to collectors. The work is usually hand-made, so get ready to pay at least $30 for a small souvenir.

  • Hammock

The inhabitants of the Caribbean islands love hammocks very much and are happy to sell them to travelers. However, it’s hard to imagine how to use them in the city. The prices for high-quality and beautiful hammocks start from $10 for a fully cotton product, and from $20 for a wicker one.

Handmade Cigars

  • Ceramics

If you like pottery, in Puerto Rico you can buy beautiful dishes and vases. Usually, this is very bright and relatively inexpensive good. For example, a large dish in a souvenir shop will cost you about $20. Small ceramic figurines are available at about $5-8.


(photo by Todd Pederzani)

  • Cigars

As a gift to men, it makes sense to bring good cigars from Puerto Rico. They are sold individually or in beautiful souvenir sets along with humidors. Cigar prices in Puerto Rico are higher than in the neighboring Dominican Republic even despite the presence of duty free zones. However, the prices are still not high. Cigars of private local traders can be bought in Puerto Rico for about $3-5 per piece, since the prices for the products of tobacco factories start at $8. The largest selection and quality guarantee cigars are available in the Cigar House in St. Juan.