Philadelphia is a city that’s full of culture, history, and excitement. With a vibrant nightlife and a nearly endless list of things to do around town, there’s no shortage of excitement to be had. It’s also a smoker’s paradise, filled with cigar lounges, relaxed patios and clubs, and some of the finest smoking shops on the East Coast. If you’re looking for your next must-visit smoking destination, here’s why you should add the City of Brotherly Love to the top of your list.

Class and Elegance at Ashton Cigar Bar

If you’re looking for a luxurious vibe, you need to swing by Ashton Cigar Bar off Walnut Street. It’s one of the city’s top cigar, whiskey, and cocktail bars. As you walk in, you’re greeted by ornate, contemporary furnishings, and it’s immediately apparent that this place was crafted with the cigar lover in mind. From the stark marble countertops to the warm, rich hardwood floors, every inch of the Ashton Cigar Bar oozes style and class. While the decor exudes a more masculine energy, the atmosphere isn’t overbearing, and women are more than welcome.

The main attraction? Their premium selection of more than 200 cigars encased in a stunning all-glass humidor. The staff is friendly to cigar aficionados and novices alike, and their ultimate goal is to help you have a relaxing, pleasurable experience from the minute you walk in the door to the minute you leave. If you enjoy a good cigar and a well-aged scotch, the Ashton Cigar Bar is going to feel like a home away from home.

Exploring the Smoke Shops

Philadelphia is incredibly smoker-friendly. At any given point, you’re probably close to one of the many smoke shops that dot the landscape of the city. This also means that no matter what you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it. Want a speciality vape shop with custom flavors and some new mods for your rig? Philly’s got that. Need an all-in-one store with a little bit of everything? Philly’s got that, too.

Philadelphia is also a great spot for finding custom glass pieces crafted with care and style. Simply type “head shop Philadelphia” into your smartphone and marvel at all the options that pop up. Just do yourself (and the city) a favor and avoid the chain shops. You’ll get better service at a local retailer and you’ll also be supporting independent businesses.

Diving into the Nightlife

While Philadelphia is cracking down on smoking inside of bars, plenty of establishments are still friendly to smokers. One local favorite is 12 Steps Down on Christian Street. This cozy bar has a lengthy list of award-winning brews on tap and also hosts some exciting weekly events, including a Nintendo game night on Sundays. Truly, what could be better than a couple cold ones and a round of Mario Kart?

Another smoker’s haven is simply known as The Dive Bar. It’s aptly named because this no-frills establishment doesn’t offer bells, whistles, or fancy craft cocktails. Instead, the owners know their demographic and keep things relaxed, comfortable, and friendly. Plus, The Dive Bar has the amazing benefit of offering free pizza during their weekday happy hours. If you’re able to turn down that offer, you’re a stronger individual than most.

Fantastic Philadelphia

You have endless reasons to give Philly a visit. From its premium cigar bars to its more down-to-earth dives, it’s a friendly, inviting city with an ever-growing list of activities. For a smoker, it’s something close to a paradise. Visit the shops, grab a couple drinks at some of the city’s favorite bars, and relax knowing that when you’re in Philadelphia, you’re among friends.