While some are saying streetwear will soon die, we find it highly doubtful. It’s a culture of styles made for the street and while it may change in name, trends will continue to flow for those looking for a casual style. So, if you’re looking for you next fits, here’s a look at brands that are going to make a big impact in 2020.


Z Lister and Instagram influencer Chet Sket has crafted both a clothing brand and culture with FADED. Easily spotted with its iconic skull branding, Faded offer a wide variety of mens graphic t-shirts, utility wear and tracksuits that cater for most. Unlike other brands, Faded are constantly looking to change the game by offering both essential and unique designs on their products. Currently, their utility wear is proving to be a hit with vests, pants and tracksuits all available. 

Il Sarto

Clean cut comes to mind when browsing Il Sarto’s collections. With statement pieces that offer premium finishes designed for those wanting a designer quality. This authentic British brand uses Italian inspiration to create its cool casual products for both men and women. You can find this redefined clothing line is merging smart and causal styles in 2019 and you’ll be seeing more in 2020.

Polar Skate Co.

Considering skatewear and streetwear go hand in hand it’s brands like Polar Skate Co that are combining the two. The brands premium products won’t burn a hole in your pocket with their prices, which will be a pleasant change for most streetwear fans. There’s recently been a massive hype around this Swedish brand with its iconic tees, unconventional outerwear durable collections.


The Japanese brand WTAPS (pronounced Double Taps) is currently under the spotlight with its cult following. Finding influence from military and workwear clothing, WTAPS is a streetwear brand to look out for in the luxury end of the spectrum with collaborations currently with NEIGHBOURHOOD.

While utility wear will be one of the biggest trends in 2020, you can expect mens spray-on jeans with a twist and big graphic tracksuits to also add some variety to your street wardrobe.