A teenager’s life is full of enjoyment and they try not to miss any chance of having fun at that age. With kids gaining access to everything they want through their smartphone, the role of parents is toughened further to ensure that their kids don’t get involved in wrongful activities. Monitoring mobile phone of kids becomes an important task for parents on a daily basis and this is where a mobile monitoring app could turn out to be of great help to you.

Smartphone in Hands of Businessman

A Potent App:

StealthGenie is a potent monitoring app for your child’s smartphone that gets downloaded inside their mobile phone within five minutes. No mobile phone data of your kid is affected during the installation process and you get to keep an eye on your kids without letting them even know about it. All you need is an internet connection and your StealthGenie log-in details to access everything stored inside your child’s phone.

Suitable Handsets:

Be it the latest iPhone 5 or the sparkling Samsung S IV, all a perfectly suitable handsets to work alongside StealthGenie. To be precise, StealthGenie runs fantastically well with iPhone models having iOS 4.0 and higher than that. Similarly Android phones with OS 2.1 and above as well as BlackBerry models with an operating system of 4.6 and above are perfectly compatible handsets with StealthGenie.

Advanced Features:

You may record all the sounds that are nearby your child’s mobile phone by using the ‘Live surroundings’ feature of StealthGenie. The ‘Geo Tracking’ feature of this amazing app assists parents in tracking down the precise location of their children with ease. With the help of this app parents may even keep track of all the phone call and SMS messages record of their kids.

An Amazing Offer:

A reliable and exciting customer support service is offered by StealthGenie to all its users. An intelligent and up-to-date support staff makes sure that all issues of users are sorted out in a quick and efficient manner.

Handling Kids:

Children are a hard bunch to tackle but they need to be kept within limits by their parents. With parents having little or no control on their kids during the testing teenage, getting a mobile monitoring app to monitor all the activities of your kids would not be a bad move at all. Now hurry up and get hold of this app before it gets late.