Samsung is a well known company in the mobile industry in different parts of the world. The company has launched various awesome high end smartphone devices in the market this year with the release of Galaxy S5 and Note 4. Now, it is the best time to speak about the next smartphone of the galaxy series by the company. Samsung Galaxy series is ruling the smartphone devices as Apple has not achieved success in maintaining the level of its customer satisfaction and high quality facilities with the iPhone series. So, there are lots of people, who are passionate about the Galaxy series of the Samsung. They are in an expectation that what the company will bring for them as Samsung Galaxy S7.

Now, let’s move on and start getting in touch with the leaked rumors about specifications and features of this upcoming device of the Galaxy series. This upcoming device will be available with great software and hardware integration. According to the rumors about this device, people can have a chance to see 5G and 4 GB RAM and many other interesting features in the days to come.


The upcoming device Samsung Galaxy S7 will be going to include a 4 GB ultra large primary memory, known as RAM. As there is no official declaration about the processor, but in the coming days, this information will also be rolled out. Probably, it will include a 64 bit Exynos processor, having the 3.5 GHz processing power. With this high processing power, you can perform the multi tasks at single time.

Leaked Rumors About Samsung Galaxy S7, Will Release In 2016


When it comes to the camera, there is always a WOW factor included in it. Samsung Galaxy S7 will include a 30 MP camera. There is no need to think about the DSLR. With this rumored feature, you can get prepared yourself for bigger and superior view that can capture the images like real life to give better experience than others. If you talk about the front facing camera, then there are chances that it will be going to include 10 MP front cameras having the resolution of 1080 pixels HD. You can get ready for more bend surface display, having superior resolution and also the high end specifications in it.

Release Date

A lot of users are concerned about the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S7. They want to know; when this upcoming smartpohpne device will be in their hands. There are some rumors stated that this device will be released in the closing stages of this year, that is, 2014. It is also rumored that the device will be available in the market after its launch in the first quarter of 2016. Want to know more about this upcoming high end device by the company? Go online and start searching about the leaked features and specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S7. You will be able to get more improved user experience with this smartphone device as it is the custom of the company to bring a new and a unique device one after another to satisfy their users.