Removing excess fat is easier these days. Technology has made an unbelievable improvement enabling people to remove excess fat from the body without following the traditional dieting and excessive workouts. In other words, the modern therapy of fat removal is not only less hassle-free but also provides results much faster as compared to the conventional approaches. This therapy is exceptionally popular in London and there are many dependable skincare clinics that provide impressive quality of this treatment. The treatment is ideal for almost everyone, including both men and women. Moreover, as it is free from any side-effects, it can also be availed by children.

3D Liposuction For Smarter Removal Of Unwanted Fat Cells

Technologies Involved in 3D Lipo Therapy

The therapy of 3D liposuction uses four different technologies in combination. It is effective in removing stubborn areas of fat deposited at certain areas of the body. The cavitation process uses low frequency ultrasound and targets the localized deposition of fat in a patient’s body. The ultrasound waves create pressure on the membranes of the fat cells to the extent that they break down into liquid state. This liquid easily dissolves within the body and thus, a patient experiences a 1 to 3 cm loss in fat volume just after the first treatment session.

Cryolipolysis is the process of targeting the water content present inside the fat cells. Controlled freezing involved in this process helps to crystalize the water present inside those cells into ice. As a result of this physical change, the targeted cells meet natural death. Gradually, the dead fat cells are removed from the body across a period of two to four months.  According to research, cryolipolysis can remove as much as 40% of the targeted fat cells in any individual.

The two other technologies involved with 3D lipo in London are radio frequency and 3D dermology. Energies from radio frequency penetrate through the layers of the skin and this result in contraction of the fibers, prompting production of collagen and elastin. These substances make the skin appear tighter and younger-looking. On the other hand, 3D dermology applies both heat and vacuum-suction rollers to increase blood supply to the lymphs.


The procedure proves most helpful in shedding the fat that gets deposited in mothers after giving birth to babies. The therapy also helps to redefine both the neckline and décolletage. As a matter of fact, the solution helps to resolve the double chin problem in men. Similarly, it helps women to improve their bra line by removing excess fat deposition from the region of the body.

Price Factor

3D lipo cost is not uniform and it varies from one skincare clinic to another. The expert who will provide the treatment will discuss in details about it before starting the therapy. Skincare facilities that provide the therapy usually quote competent price to attract larger number of patients.


The treatment procedure is noninvasive and painless. It is actually so much hassle-free that people either watch movies, enjoy naps or work on their laptops while undergoing the treatment. However, one should not consume alcohol, caffeine or have a huge meal right after the treatment.

This fat removal therapy is safe, effective and has no negative side-effects. It is better to avail the treatment at any reputed skincare center than at the beauty salons.