If you’re planning on opting for Rhinoplasty, or reshaping of your nose, then there are some tips that can help you prepare for the procedure. You not only need to know what to do beforehand but what to expect afterward as well. The procedure is exciting, as you’re planning on enhancing your facial harmony, and the following tips can ensure you have the right experience regarding this plastic surgery procedure.

Know What To Do Before and After Rhinoplasty

During the last two weeks leading up to your procedure as well as the first couple of weeks after the Rhinoplasty procedure, you should be leaving out any herbal supplements as well as any over-the-counter pain killers like Ibuprofen and aspirin.

If you’re a smoker, the nicotine is going to hinder the healing process. If you’re able to cut back or stop smoking, do so for an entire month prior to the procedure.  Unless of course you want to have complications during and after the operation, you can continue smoking.

You need to have plenty of your favorite drinks on hand, and you need lip balm of some kind as well. You’re going to be using your mouth to breathe constantly, and you’re going to experience dry mouth. Having a drink ready and lip balm on hand helps to remedy this.

You’re obviously going to have to setup an appointment for consultation with your plastic surgeon prior to having the surgery performed. Ensure that you speak up about any concerns, and also make yourself perfectly clear regarding what you are opting to have done to your nose. Your surgeon will have suggestions, and you two should definitely be communicating effectively.

While Rhinoplasty isn’t open heart surgery, you might be surprised to know that you still should be taking it easy during recovery, at least for the first several days. Do you have help around the house? You don’t want to be lifting anything heavy either.

Think about wearing clothes that you don’t have to pull over your face and head in order to get dressed. Also, post-surgery, you’re going to need someone to drive you home.

If you feel yourself having any anxiety about the procedure, you can always visit the surgeon once again or call with concerns and questions you might have. You want to be comfortable, so better get these issues addressed.

When sleeping after you had the surgery, make sure to keep your head elevated. Reduce the amount of salt in your diet so that swelling goes down. Remember to be mindful of your nose so that you don’t bump into anything, such as an eager pet trying to give you kisses. Take care of yourself, and with these tips, now you’re ready for that procedure to transform your face.

Besides that, having a cosmetic surgery done on you like Rhinoplasty, breast enhancement, facelift and other cosmetic surgery can help in boosting up your confidence level and self-esteem. No wonder most people are trying to get under the knife to look good and help them with boosting up their confidence.