images (75)Today, world has changed into a global village where everyone is connected with others. In entire world, the IT industry is progressing and it progress rate is increasing. Every challenge provides a solution which is used to defeat further challenges. Many business enterprises are rising which offer new inventions and discoveries, with the help of these they can get place in the market. As the whole world is interconnected thus they need perfection and efficiency in the networking related issues. That’s why the demand of IT professionals and networking experts is increasing day by day, in the market. The best course in the networking is known as CCNA Certification and it is offered by Cisco which is a well-recognized networking company.

Scope of CCNA Certificate:

CCNA Certificate secures the career of candidate and provides many job opportunities in the most leading companies. There are many jobs for the certificate holder’s where his/her services are required. Jobs can be found in different fields of networking like he/she can find job as networking administrator sector, can work as networking analyst or can start his career as network support professional. It is predicted that if someone has gained good GPA in the exam of CCNA, after few years of experience his annual income can reach till 85,000 USD, which is obviously good enough to build a further professional experience that will certainly raise the annual income as well.

Updating CCNA according to technology

As the IT has no point to stop at and it has to produce new inventions according to the challenges. Thus, CCNA completely meets with the requirements of all time. After getting passed and receiving the certificate, candidate can use that certificate for next 3 years. After 3 years, candidate would have to upgrade the CCNA. This upgrading process enables the candidate to meet the requirements of the latest versions of networking related topics including installation, configuration and troubleshooting of networks. Up gradation process is not so complicated. It only requires the caudate to reappear in the exam recertify his certificate. This verification can be done by passing the current CCNA program.


According to the participant of CCNA exam, the exam is simple and curriculum as well and they found no complication in this regard. According to a participant, there was no single question which was difficult to him and he found all answers easily. The course and curriculum is designed in a simple and easy way and follows step wise levels, which also help the candidate to improve his skills and enhance his knowledge as well.

CCNA Exam Scenario

For CCNA exam, candidate is offered 90 minutes to consume on the exam and answer the 50 multiple choice questions. But if the candidate is not native then he can get extra 30 minutes but teachers should be requested for this extension, before sitting for the exam.

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