The Colorado winters are no joke. This is especially true for those in the mountains and areas with a lot of snow. You will want to prepare in as many ways as possible to make your winter plans go smoothly and without weather implications. Survival is easy until you realize you lost your winter coat or don’t have working heat or a functioning water heater. Here are three tips to help you survive a Colorado winter.


Have all your home warmth needs

One of the rookie winter mistakes is failing to prepare your home and car for the winter. Your car isn’t as big of a deal because, in a snowstorm, you will probably be stuck at home. With that being said, you better make sure you house is ready for the cold. This means taking precaution in case your electricity goes out. You do not want to be stuck in your Colorado mountain home in temperatures below freezing without the heat to back it up.

Before the winter, make sure you check your water heater to see that it is working correctly. The water heater repair cost is a no-brainer when thinking of the cold you will have to endure if it stops working. Check it out before it is too late.

The next thing you want to be sure of is that you have back-up warmth in case the electricity goes out. You may want to invest in a non-electric heater that can act as a fireplace. These are life savers to some in cold climates. Be sure to stock up on hand-warmers and blankets, as well. You won’t want to be scrambling to find warmth in the wake of a power outage.


Make the  most of Colorado winter through snow sports

Take advantage of all the fun winter activities in Colorado! This will make the winter more fun and something to be excited about—not dread. There are winter sports for everyone such as snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, tubing, and sledding. These activities can be done at resorts in the mountains that are pretty nearby if you live in Colorado!

There are also trails that are breathtaking in the winter, and if you prefer to tackle skating this season, there are plenty of ice skating opportunities in the area, as well. Get together with friends and make some winter sports plans. There is no shortage of fun in the winter in Colorado. If anything, it is arguably the best place to be during the winter months.


Dress accordingly

You need to wear layers in the Colorado winter—there is no getting around it. The bitter cold on some days will leave you wishing you had about twelve more layers on. You will never regret wearing more clothing during Colorado winters. This is true even when you are driving somewhere or not outside that much. The winter is cold and will leave you wanting gloves, a hat, a scarf and maybe two coats on. Any Colorado native will tell you this is a must in the winter.

Comfy footwear is another Colorado plus. Many natives wear tennis shoes and boots basically everywhere. Throw these on with some thick winter socks and you will be both comfy and warm. This has even made snow boots a fashion staple. As they have grown in popularity, they have become cool while also being incredibly warm.

Take these winter tips for those of you new to Colorado—or those of you who just need to handle winters better. If you have never been to Colorado, plan a trip, or even better, consider moving to the state. The views are majestic and certainly worth the cold.