It is an established rule for highly effective people that “everything is created twice: first, in the mind, and then in reality.”  This means that whenever an effective person indulges in an important task, he/she should first conceive of a definite plan. After that plan is fully laid out, only then an effective person starts to actualize that plan in reality. Similarly, if you want to lose weight, first, you have to conceive of a definite plan, and then, consistently, you got to realize that plan in actuality. For this reason, the three important components of effective weight loss program are delineated in this article to give you a definite plan on how to go about with your weight loss program.

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The Three Components Outlined

The three components of an effective weight loss program include first and foremost, the master plan for an effective weight loss program. Just as everything is created twice, so also the first component of effective weight loss program should include a master plan for weight loss. The second component is the strong determination or willpower to implement that master plan. Lastly, it includes the maintenance process to be implemented once the proper weight has been gained. If you follow these three basic components of a weight loss program, you will surely find yourself in the right direction towards a healthy and more fulfilling lifestyle.

The Master Plan for a Weight Loss Program

The conceptualization of your program is the foremost component of a weight loss program. It may include researching and brainstorming on which method to follow. Likewise, it includes the outlining of the steps and process which you would undertake to achieve your ideal weight. The master plan should include the daily regimen which you would like to follow. This should also include the daily diet you would like to impose on yourself and the exercises which you would regularly perform to complement your diet plan. You can readily do a research on the kind of exercises which are ideal for you to perform and the kind of diet which you would like to include in your daily food. Furthermore, there are many weight-loss food supplements such as the green tea extract, the green coffee extract which you can include in your daily diet. Likewise, there are other guidelines on which food to take which you may subscribe to. It would do you good if at the onset, you are able to create for yourself this master plan which will serve as the blueprint ofyour weight loss program.

The Strong Discipline

We all know that nothing substantial is achieved without sacrifice. In the same way, no substantial weight loss will be achieved without sacrifice. When we say sacrifice, we are referring to the strong discipline which we would use to achieve the master plan. First, we have to have that mental toughness—a definiteness of purpose—which will always guide us towards the achievement of our master plan. There will be times when everything that we are doing will seem to be netting us no substantial result. Yet, without that staunch determination to plod through the thick and thin of the program despite some setbacks and seemingly slow progress, we can never really fulfill the master plan. Likewise, this discipline must come from within. This may include a reprogramming of our subconscious mind to achieve our goals. Once we have that mental discipline, the body will surely obey, and we will achieve that ideal weight and eventually, a healthy lifestyle.

The Maintenance Stage

Once the ideal weight has been achieved through discipline and consistently following the master plan of weight loss, then, we can never stay complacent and self-satisfied because there is always the possibility of a relapse to our overweight status. Just like in any case of a bad habit— wherein there is always the danger of giving in to the former bad habit if we are not wary of the circumstances that lead to that condition—we should always be very careful of relapse. There is always a natural tendency for people to relax a bit whenever they have achieved something substantial. This natural pitfall should be generally avoided. The master plan should be complemented by a new lifestyle and new habits which are the direct opposite of those habits which led to our obese condition. This lifestyle may include the continuation of good diet, good daily exercises, and the avoidance of circumstances which may trigger a relapse.

You can definitely follow these three key components of the ideal weight loss program, and without a hitch, you will surely achieve the ideal weight you have been dreaming of, and will eventually gain you a healthy and satisfying lifestyle. Moreover, there are many weight loss programs at hand which you can avail of. You can include one or two of these programs in your weight loss program; one is for example hypnosis for weight loss.

The article delineates the very basic components of an effective weight loss program. First, it says that an effective weight loss program necessitates a master plan. Likewise, it should also be complemented by a strict mental and physical discipline to be effective. Lastly, it needs a complementary program once the ideal weight has been achieved to avoid a possible relapse to the overweight condition.

Dr. Alex D Cruiz who works with other consultants to help weight loss. With at least 2 years of active experience, he is familiar with the detrimental effects of over weight and how it ruins one’s life.