If you want your air-conditioner to provide good service for years, you should know about some common problems of air-conditioners. You might have spent a big amount on your air-conditioner, but sooner or later it will start showing some problems. You should keep in mind that an air-conditioner is just an electronic device, and like every other device it can’t go on providing the best service ceaselessly.

You should not think of repairing your air-conditioner without knowing how to do it effectively. Some problems of an air-conditioner are very complicated, and only the professionals can repair them. That is why determining the nature of a problem is very important. The more you know about the problems of air-conditioners, the easier it will become for you to understand a problem.

If you take care of your air-conditioner regularly, definitely it will be safer. But your maintenance alone can’t assure anything. So, no matter how much care you take, be prepared to face such problems. But don’t feel disappointed. Keep in mind that most of the problems can be solved quite easily.

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We are going to discuss the 5 most common problems of an air-conditioner. If you can keep the discussed facts in mind, you will understand the problems of your air-conditioner pretty easily. You will also understand whether you need to hire a professional or not. To be honest, air-conditioners can have many problems. Since it is impossible to discuss all of them, we have chosen the following 5 problems. Moreover, you don’t need to know about all the problems. If you feel that the problem of your air-conditioner is too intricate, just hire an air-conditioner expert for the air conditioning repair. He will find out the problem, and fix them accordingly.


Almost all air-conditioners make some noise while working. This is quite normal. If the sound is mild, you need not to worry. But if your air-conditioner makes loud noise, it may have some problems. Sometimes the ac unit is not installed correctly. It might be a cause of the noise. If your air-conditioner makes noise continuously, hire a professional. He will check whether the ac unit is installed correctly or not. Some air-conditioners make squealing sound as well. It might be caused by the air handler. This is the part of an ac system by which air is regulated through the ductwork. Some older units are belt-driven. Sometimes the belt connects the motor slips to the blower, and it might be the cause behind the squealing sound. If you feel that this is the cause of the noise, you should shut off your ac unit immediately and hire a professional. If it is really the cause of the noise, your ac system should be repaired.

Warm Air

Some HVAC units blow warm air. The dirty filters might cause it. Your system might produce cold air, but sometimes it can pass through the ductwork. If the filters are clean, they help your system run smoothly. Sometimes HVAC systems have to work very hard and can’t become cool as quickly as expected. In order to avoid more problems you should check the outside unit too. When the outdoor unit is on, don’t allow the debris block the flow of the air. If an air-conditioner blows warm air, it can be taken as the indication of insufficient refrigerant.

Your Home is not Cool enough, though the AC is Running

Sometimes you might find that the air is flowing through the vents but when it is coming out it is not cool. If it happens, the condenser coil might have been stalled.  It is the part which produces cool air. Sometimes the condenser might malfunction, but the fan might run. The malfunctioning circuit breaker might be the cause. Sometimes it can also be caused by low refrigerant. If your air-conditioner has such problems, you must have it inspected by a professional. If you find that the lack of cool air is not very high, it might have no problem at all. The leaks in the ductwork might let the air pass. If you feel that your ducts have become too old, you should have them sealed.

Unit will not come on

Sometimes the unit might not come on. It is a very common problem. If it happens, you will notice that the fan is working well though! It is caused by some specific problems. If you notice this problem, check whether the thermostat is working properly or not. If the thermostat seems fine to you, check the circuit breaker of your home. A professional can do it more efficiently. So, don’t hesitate to hire one if you can’t make out what you should do.

Frozen Unit

Some problems can cause your unit to freeze. Improper flow of the air is the most common one. It can hinder the normal efficiency of your HVAC. Sometimes the malfunctioning blower fan can also cause the HVAC to freeze.

If you feel that the problem of your air-conditioner is too intricate, just hire an air-conditioner expert for the air conditioning repair. He will find out the problem, and fix them accordingly.

This article focuses on some common problems of an air-conditioner. It will help you understand the problems better. As a result, if you notice any problem in your ac unit in future, taking the necessary steps will be easier for you.

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