You are a runner and a fairly decent one at that. And yet you tend to get very tired at certain times of your workout, making it difficult for you to attain your goals. Running is a great way to stay in shape, to keep your heart healthy and your mind clear. Here’s what you can do to overcome runner’s fatigue.

Eat Right

Your diet plays an important role in the way that you feel and how well you work out. It really is important that you watch what you consume and eliminate or reduce your intake of certain items.

Junk food is just that — wasted calories with little to no nutritional value. Your meals should include fruits and vegetables, whole grains and healthy proteins. Certain healthful oils, including canola and olive oils, are useful too. Avoid soda, drink plenty of warts and take vitamin supplements, as needed. Eat sweets sparingly.

Get Enough Sleep

One of the factors in running fatigue has to do with sleep or your lack of it. Most people need to have seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Some people can get by with less while others need more. Know the right amount of sleep your body craves and get it.

If you have difficulty sleeping, make sure that you follow a pattern every night of the week. This means that if you’re used to going to bed at 10 pm and waking by 6 am, then do so seven days per week. Avoid caffeinated beverages anytime from noon on. Take melatonin tablets before you rest to prepare your body for sleep.

How To Overcome Runner’s Fatigue

Pursue Cross Training

Runners often acquire the stamina they need by participating in other sports. You may already play tennis, participate in soccer or engage in an occasional basketball game. It is important to maintain these activities or even increase your participation.

It is also important that you warm up before you partake in any exercise. This step helps your muscles prepare for what is ahead and sends a signal to your brain that more strenuous activity is on its way. Stretch your muscles to ensure that they’re ready for the race ahead advises Fitness 19.

Breathe and Drink

When running you may find yourself gasping for air. It is a good idea to control your breathing by inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Slow down if you feel yourself having a difficult time breathing.

You should also regulate the amount of water you take in while running. Hydration is important and becomes a critical factor the longer you run, especially in warmer conditions. You should be drinking six to eight glasses per day and while running you’ll take in at least two to four additional cups as needed. If you don’t hydrate, you’ll develop muscle cramps, ending your run for the day.

Stay Motivated

For some people, running is difficult to do alone. If you can, run with another person who can motivate you and you do likewise. Camaraderie can go far, enabling you to go further.

If you don’t have a running partner, then you’ll have to find ways to motivate yourself. One way to accomplish this is to put on the ear buds and listen to your favorite music. Listen to the music that you like, whatever provides you with the inspiration to keep on keeping on.

Chill Out

Once the race is over, you’re ready to chill out. That doesn’t mean you simply stop, rather you walk around to help cool down. Drink water, nibble on a snack and do additional stretches.

After a particularly strenuous work out, take a hot bath to help relax those muscles. And give yourself a break by not exercising the next day, especially if you hit your goals and then some.