For many of us, the office represents a second home. This is the space where we spend the majority of our time and no matter how devoted we are to our work it is a good idea to add a bit of personality to it. Of course, every company has its rules and guidelines about the appearance of their working area, but there are always simple and subtle ways to make your office space a bit more approachable.

3 Hints For Decorating Your Workspace

Not only is this a good idea in order to boost your motivation and productivity levels, it is also recommendable to create a working space that will be pleasing to others as well. This mostly applies for those who have a responsibility of hosting potential clients in their offices, as an amiable office space can greatly affect the complete outcome of the meeting. So whether you have an enormous office or a simple cubicle, these couple of tricks can help you create a more enjoyable surrounding for both yourself and others:

A Splash of Colour

There has been a fair amount of talk about the psychology of colour and how distinctive shades and tones can have different influences on our mental state. One of the most common suggestions is using blue in the office area, as allegedly this colour can help stimulate the mind, help you focus and boost your productivity. Of course, different occupations require different stimulus, and so yellow is perceived as the best option for those who indulge in creative work. For those who spend most of their time doing physical work, phycologist claim that red helps with boosting physical strength.

Whatever your occupation is, the main goal is to add shades that are going to soothe your mind and not distract you. If you have a strict policy in your company and are not allowed to use bright and vivid colours, the best you can do is add different coloured details to stimulate your mind and help you focus.


Make It Personal

Contrary to popular belief, an office area does not necessary have to be impersonal, sterile and bland. It is really important to make your office a place where you can feel comfortable and secure. The best way to achieve this is by adding a touch of personal in a somewhat impersonal surrounding. This does not mean that you should bring your favourite armchair and spend the office hours in your pyjamas – it just means that adding a few simple items can make a lot of difference.

For instance, photographs of family members or close friends are a great way to bring affection in the workspace, but can also serve as a good motivational tool. Different plant life has been known to greatly improve the overall mood, but can also make your office a bit friendlier. You can also bring a few accessories from your home, just to make it a bit more intimate.


Send A Message

Of course, the main thing to keep in mind is that primarily, your office area should be presentable and clean. Depending on your occupation, it will be necessary to send a certain message towards your clients, but also your colleagues. This is why it is a good idea to create a perfect balance between comfortable and sterile. The golden mean is not always easy to achieve, but you can rely on certain products of companies like Beyond Bright, where you can find a great range of affordable items that can help you add that refined but at the same time private touch to your workspace. Remember that just a simple dash of decoration can greatly transform a place.


Gone are the days of those long working hours in sterile environments with grey walls. There is no reason why you need to feel like a prisoner in your working space and dread every next shift. Using just a few simple tricks you can easily transform your office area into a sanctuary of peace that will ease both your mind and soul.