Drinking under the influence is a severe case and can alter the events of the life. Therefore, it is appropriate to hire a DUI lawyer to deal with the case. According to the severity of the offense, the Oshawa defense lawyer can prove innocence or reduce the sentence to the least extent. However, finding the right lawyer for the case is not that easy and it requires some dedication while searching. Fortunately, there are some questions that an individual can ask while trying to hire a lawyer. The answers to these questions will determine the credibility, reliability and efficiency of the lawyer.

4 Important Questions To Ask A DUI Lawyer!

#1 – Do you have a Specialization in DUI Law?

There are lawyers who deal with different kind of fields in the law, while there are those like Brian Ross who are specialized to deal with DUI law. Lawyers with such specialization can easily understand the case and the complex issues associated with it. Further, they have expertise in taking care of the prosecution, formation of statements, impressing the judge, investigating the case, analyzing various tests done by the arresting officers, etc. What would be use of a lawyer who knows only the tip of the iceberg and cannot understand the depth of the case? Therefore, short listing those with specialization on the field can help to eliminate the weak ones and better the chances to find a professional.

#2 – What is the charge that you take?

Some lawyers are too expensive for a normal person to afford. A criminal defense lawyer Oshawa can vary his prices based on the severity of the case. However, there are lawyers who understand the situation of the client and offer services for considerably lesser amounts. It may not be the case with everyone; however, it is suitable to find a professional lawyer who can charge on a reasonable basis and do a lot of research to ensure a strong defense is filed in support of the client. If a lawyer is from a reputed firm, with the amount paid by the client his assistants will also participate in the research.

#3 – What can you do about the case?

It would help if the individual can ask the Oshawa defense lawyer and know about the help that he can render during the processing of the case. By explaining everything clearly to the lawyer, he will understand whether there are any abuses of rights. If the lawyer is dedicated enough, he will ask about the complete testimony and know whether there are any witnesses when such abuses are taking place. A good DUI lawyer can help to solve the case by all means and this trait is very important in a lawyer.

#4 – What is the best possible outcome for me?

The individual has to reveal everything in front of a criminal defense lawyer Oshawa as it can help the cause. If the individual is guilty, the lawyer will process the case accordingly and reveal the worst possible outcome and the least possible outcome. Based on the evidence available, the lawyer will honestly give out a verdict close to the one that is heard in a court. This helps the client to understand the case and prepare for the outcome.

By finding the right answers to these questions, an individual can find the best DUI lawyer who can help with the case and reduce the sentence to a minimum.