Cala Galdana is a resort location that is perfectly located in a bay that looks out onto the Mediterranean Sea. It is often said to be the most beautiful and popular of the destinations on Menorca because of its warm and white sandy beaches lapped by gentle and mild clear green water. On the cliffs above the bay are tall green pine trees, which give shelter from any wind, keeping the temperature and climate mild and warm almost all year round. Access to the town is not too difficult, with the Ferreries just seven kilometers away.

Three Great Outdoor Activities At Cala Galdana

For those wanting to visit Cala Galdana, villas and nearby resorts are very well located and provide easy access for visitors who are interested in experiencing the island’s natural treasures in fun and exciting ways. If you are an adventure seeker you might want to try exploring the caves in a kayak, but for those more laid-back holiday-makers, just sit back and relax on the sand with your toes in the water. Whether you plan your entire trip ahead of time, or you want to arrive, drop your bags, and just see where the day takes you, be sure to book one of the island’s great Cala Galdana villas before you head over. This will save you from unnecessary stress or worry when you arrive and just allow to you dive right into your outdoor adventures.

Activity #1: Relaxing Boat Tour

Heading towards the blue sea and getting away from the Cala Galdana villas and resorts is one of the best ways to experience the island’s stunning coastline. As many of the best coves are difficult to get to by land, having someone take you out on a boat is the perfect way to your explore the secret and secluded inlets. On board the Libra Mare you will get great access to all of the little swimming spots that are hidden from all those who choose to stay ashore. Boat captains will stop the boats and let you get in the water, supervised by the very small and experienced crew. And when you get back on the boat, there is cold juice and beer in an icebox that you can help yourself to.

Activity #2: Kayaking into Coves

There are several groups that offer kayaking tours of some of the coves and caves that are inaccessible on land or by larger boat. This is a great way to see the secret caverns and dark caves that will really help to make your trip memorable.

Activity #3: Explore the Cala Galdana Gorge

Just as there are many places on the island that you can only see by boat, there are other places that you can only see by stepping away from the roads and the bustle of the resorts of Cala Galdana. Villas and small settlements are scattered all over the island, but between them are plenty of wide open spaces and access to beautiful natural scenery that makes you feel as though you are miles from anywhere. Walking and hiking are popular on the island, and there is a great walk the begins right in Cala Galdana. Just start at the river that flows out into the sea and follow it back to the large main car park. Cross over the wall at the rear of the car park and follow the trail, which will lead you to a lovely gorge where you can hear the sound of the river in the sheltered rock formations. Here there are many different types of birds and wildlife and the area is popular with bird watchers and nature lovers.