Is there a women on the planet who doesn`t love jewelleries? I think the answer is not. What I personally love about them is strongly related to their variety. It`s like there are jewelleries for every type of personality, for every smile and for each type of woman. Simple and elegant or maybe colourful and impressive, we can find jewelleries for every taste. Now, a special and distinct type of jewelleries is represented by those made with amber. Have you ever wondered how on earth this combination took shape? Why did people choose to embellish jewelleries by adding a piece of amber to their formation? Well, this is something we are going to find out today.

Amber and Jewelleries: How Come The Combination?!

Well, a brief history of amber tells us that the name comes from Arabic and it is in strong connection to ambergris (an animal substance), very different from the yellow amber we know today. Another interesting aspect related to amber is that it was sometimes called kahroba, a derivative from Persian meaning “that attracts straw“. This name was an interesting allusion to the electric power of this material acquired by friction. Its connection to the jewelleries mainly comes from the genuine initial way in which it is formed within nature.

How Come Amber is so Interesting?

The well-preserved plant-structures, the variety of insect left-overs, spiders and annelids, even crustaceans and other small organisms are a very typical aspect of amber. This is what makes it very special. Leaves, flowers and fruits are sometimes discovered in a flawless perfection, and sometimes we may also observe that the amber remains in the form of drops and stalactites, as being the nature`s awesome effect. We may also encounter pieces of wood, hair or even feathers. Its beauty its strongly related to the originality of its modality of formation which is simply natural and absolutely flawless.

Believe it or not, amber is mostly found on the beach. On the shores of a big part of the Baltic and North Sea, the country with the most amber-producing quantity is Russia. Nowadays, amber is used in producing several types of jewelleries, but it is also used at the construction of cigar-holders and mouth-pieces of pipes. The Turks think that the amber is very valuable and powerful because it disables the transmission of infections as the pipe transfers from one mouth to another. So, not only that amber creates itself as almost a nature`s piece of art, but it also has some sort of curative particularities, if we take into account the Turk`s view upon the topic.

The originality of the amber jewelleries made millions of women fall in love with them. Originality is always an advantage in every field, but especially in jewelleries. Imagine the sensation of wearing such a piece of art made by the nature on your hand as a silver bracelet, or at your neck. Oh, what a delightful pleasure, right? The prices are pretty much acceptable, so let`s go shopping and put nature to our hands and necks.