Marketing is one of the key elements in a successful business, product launch or event. There are many different ways of advertising and promoting your materials, but one method that seems to be more popular than any other is flyers.

Flyers and other printed marketing materials such as brochures, postcards, business cards and rack cards can all be produced at a very low cost, and they yield very impressive results. You’ll often find flyers distributed locally by local businesses, or being handed out in busy public places, or even pinned up on advertisement boards and such – companies are using them all over the place!

With so many different companies making use of flyers, it can be hard to get your flyer to stand out. If you’re having your flyer distributed via post, then the chances are it’s not going to be the only flyer going through the letter box that day, it will have others to contend with, so you need to make sure your flyer immediately sparks the attention of anyone who even catches a glimpse of it. It needs to be eye catching. If you can nail a perfect design, then you will see some truly amazing results from your flyer.

If you can incorporate something a little special into your flyer, like a tear-off gift card, then you’ll see an even greater response rate from your marketing efforts.

I’ve put together a selection of some of the best flyer designs I’ve seen around the web for your inspiration! Have a look through these designs, see what similarities they have, make a note of one thing from each design which you really like, and then incorporate as many of those into your design as you can. If you can do that then your flyer design project will be off to a flying start.

Now for the inspiration:

Hopefully you found plenty of designs that inspired you, and if you didn’t, fear not – there is no shortage of design inspiration available online. But, I’m pretty sure there’s something in that collection for everyone. So, while you’re feeling inspired, open up Photoshop and get to work on your flyer design!

When the time comes to find an online store to print your flyer for you, make sure you pick an established company who provide a quality check service. I always use NextDayFlyers and have been nothing but delighted with their work. The prints are always delivered looking just as great as they do on my PC.

I hope you have enjoyed the inspirational designs in this post, please feel free to share your own creative designs in the comments section below!

Author Bio: Nathan Daniels has worked in design and marketing for the past 10 years. He enjoys keeping up to date on everything to do with design, print, technology and creativity, and you can find him blogging about these things regularly here and at other top blogs around the web