The Microsoft certified solutions expert (MCSE) Data Platform is a certification which confirms that an individual related to the IT field possess a broad set of skills and ability to build, manage and administer the data solutions on the enterprise level. It certifies that the person can maintain and also build data solutions both in cloud and on-premise environment. The certification exams tests the ability and skills of the candidates in programming, troubleshooting and optimizing the queries, in designing the data bases solutions, structure and security of the data base.


What are the Prerequisites for the MCSE Data Platform certification?

This certification is offered to the IT professionals who are working in the Data solutions field and have relevant experience about it. This certification will provide a standard to their skills and ability. In order to get this certification the candidate, first fulfill the requirement for it. The candidate must have the prerequisite certification of SQL Server 2012 which has three exams i.e.  70-461 Exam, 70-462 Exam and 70-463 Exam. These are the prerequisite exams for getting certified in MCSE Data Platform Solutions.

How many exams are there in the MCSE Certification in Data Platform Solutions?

If a candidate has passed the three exams of SQL Server 2012, then he is eligible to take the MCSE certification in data platform solutions. There are two exams in this certification:

Exam 70-464 which is about Developing Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases. There are total 74 number of questions in this this exam. The exam is offered in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and French language.

 The exam intends to test the ability of candidate in the following courses:

  • Implementing the Database Objects
  • Implementation of the Programming Objects
  • Designing the  Database Objects
  • Optimizing and Troubleshooting the Queries

Exam 70-465 which is about the designing the data base solutions for the SQL Server 2012. There are total 74 number of questions in this exam. The exam is offered in English, French, Chinese, Spanish and German language.

 The exam intends to test the ability of candidate in the following courses:

  • Designing the Database Structure
  • Designing the Databases and the Database Objects
  • Designing the Database Security
  • Designing a Troubleshooting and Optimizing a Solution.


What is the Cost of the certification?

The cost of each exam in this certification is $ 150.

What is the registration procedure for MCSE certification in data platform solutions?

The candidates who wants to get certified in MCSE data platform solutions can get themselves through Prometric, which is authorized for registration and scheduling the exams of the MCES certifications. Candidates can visit for registration.

From which source the candidates can get training for the certification exams?

There are two broad ways suggested by Microsoft for the training of the MCSE Certification Exam the one is instructor led training in which candidates can get training by the professionals and the other one is community led training in which the candidate can join the community groups such as forums made for the study purposes.