Making mistakes is quite common and is part of our life. When you are making an entire website, you are bound to run into some common mistakes. The problem arises when you don’t even know you are making a mistake. That is going to be a trouble. Therefore, you must know some common problems that you might be making so that you can avoid them.

Keep it updated

If you do not keep updating your website after certain time span, it means that you are either not paying enough attention to the site or there is nothing new happening in your church. This may not be true. It doesn’t matter what the size or the budget is, you must keep adding up new features to your website so that visitors get attracted to it.

They want to see something new every time they visit your site. So, do not disappoint them and keep your website updated.

Don’t hide the contact

The most important area of your website is where visitors can contact you so that they know how they can reach you. If that very information is hard to find, you shouldn’t set up a site in the first place. The contact information must not be buried somewhere, but must be right there in the center. This will make your website very user-friendly.

Leave out the bricks!

Yes, you might consider that the building is the most important part of your church because it is inside those walls that you touch the lives of people. That is true but theoretically. When someone visits your website, he will be happier to read about the stories of transformed people and lives and not on the images of your church walls. So, give them what they want and not what you want to show them.

Duplicate information

First of all, do not just copy and paste from the server. You need to get information that is original, good and relevant. If the very data on your website is irrelevant, people will not want to come on your page. Once you have collected all the nice content that you plan to put it, make sure that you organize into proper categories and then present the data in a very accessible way.

Do not repeat any information on your page. You can take ideas from other sites, but write the content again in your words using different keywords.

Broken links

Do not let this mistake creep into your site. This will show the error 404 and you will start losing many visitors. Do not let that happen to you. Therefore, you must get more information about pages where links are broken and make sure that you do not repeat the same mistake.

In addition, you must get a unique domain name for your website. The domain must not be similar to any other on the net. If Google finds any two websites with the same content, it is likely to penalize both. So, keep your website original, from the name to the content.

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