If your goal is to lose weight and exercise more, forget about the tough diet plans and excessive training sessions. It’s time to start from basic simple things. Researchers have shown that taking baby steps in the beginning is the best way to get lasting results.

A Study Published in Annals of Behavioral Medicine discovered that people who made small yet permanent changes in their food choices and physical activities lost more than twice as much of belly fat. However, when you choose to make small changes in your diet plan, there are many discounts on Nutrisystem healthy food available at lesser prices. And, when you focus on couple of small, simple changes in your life, you start to ingrain some healthy habits which last for lifetime rather than trying out every approach out there, which is a lot harder to follow.

15 Secret Hacks To Follow Everyday For Lasting & Healthy Results!

Cut Portions: If you think that leaving small portion won’t make any difference, you’re wrong because it will. The small amounts of uneaten food add up to calories that stay on the plate, not on YOU!

Make a Move: Take the stairs, park few blocks back in the parking lot. These small things will make an impact eventually.

Have Vegetables at Breakfast: Most people tend to eat veggies at dinner. But, it’s totally healthful to veg out at breakfast than the cereal bowl. For instance, add sliced tomato to your cheese sandwich or some mushrooms to your eggs.

Find Fiber: Let it be a bran cereal, nuts, oatmeal or other fiber-filled foods. The added fiber helps to feel fuller for longer and provide a well-moving experience.

Eat Something Fishy: It’s a heart-healthy, low in fat and contains lot of beneficial omega 3 fatty acids. Add fish dish at least three times a week.

Sleep More, Weigh Less: Lack of sleep can mess with your hormone levels. And, the more hours you’re awake, the more time you have to consume food.

Eat When You Eat: It simply means that don’t do any simultaneous activities like typing, watching TV or driving when you eat. You will appreciate every bite better.

Chill Out! Frozen foods are just as nutritious as fresh foods and sometimes they are even better.

Get Big on Beans: Beans are most undervalued food among all. They are inexpensive, easy to store and are also rich in protein and fiber. Start adding them to your diet from today.

Move Yourself: I am not talking about exercise, but dance, ride a bike or go for a long walk or climb the steps in your home/apartment.

Count Your Snacks: Make sure that all your snacks contain protein, whole grains and healthy fat which helps us to feel full longer.

Take Time for Tea: Tea consists of polyphenols which is good for bones and it also provides a soothing cup of comfort in every season.

Tap Into Your Dark Side: The dark chocolate have always given heart-healthy benefits and it certainly helps to boost your mood. But, Intake mindful portions of it to help yourself  feeling happy.

Don’t Be Afraid of Fat – But, Don’t Go Overboard Also! Yes, fat has more calories and I am not suggesting eating only fat-filled meal, but it has also other multiple benefits. And, if you control your portions, you can enjoy its sinfulness.

Keep Food Diary: Many people have no idea about how much they consume throughout the day. But, if you write it down, the real amount may surprise you.

In The End… Be kind to yourself, it’s ok if you’re not having a great day. But, that doesn’t mean to reward yourself with food, because the wrong foods in wrong amounts may lead as a punishment and you may hate yourself even more. Instead, take a long bath, surround yourself with positive people or buy something for yourself.