Vaping has grown in popularity very steadily over the last few years. It has gone from a fringe activity that you almost never saw to one that is incredibly popular among many different sets of people. At its most basic, vaping is the process of heating up a liquid until it vapourises. Then you inhale that vapour and blow it out. Some people think of it as a way to quit smoking, while others think of it as just something they enjoy doing. The reason you move to vaping also might determine how you go about it.

The Basics Of Vaping

Those Who Quit Smoking

Those who are using e-cigarettes to quit smoking tend to vape with that in mind. A vapouriser works by heating up an e-liquid until it turns into vapour. The liquid itself is typically made of four ingredients: flavouring, nicotine, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerine. Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine are largely flavourless additives that actually get vapourised. Propylene glycol is completely flavourless and contributes the throat hit of the vapour. Vegetable glycerine is a slightly sweet liquid that makes the very voluminous clouds. Most e-liquids combine the two to create a nice balance.

The other ingredients are pretty straightforward. Nicotine is the substance that provides the pleasurable sensation of tobacco, but it’s also an addictive substance. Flavouring is exactly what it sounds like. If you want to quit smoking, then you need to consider the nicotine content; that is what will satisfy your urge to smoke. E-liquid ranges from zero mg of nicotine to 14mg of nicotine. A cigarette smoker would probably be most comfortable at about eight mg. That’s close to a full strength cigarette. Many people choose to step down the nicotine occasionally, to wean themselves off nicotine. Some people like to switch to vaping just long enough to break the physical habit of smoking, and then they go cold turkey. Whichever you choose is going to be better for you than smoking.

Those Who Just Enjoy It

Those who vape just for the enjoyment have a lot of options for vaping in Australia. They also go about vaping differently than those who just want to quit smoking. Since nicotine is a pleasure creating substance, many people like to vape liquids that have nicotine in them. However, since it is also habit-forming, many others don’t like to.

Some people choose a low-nicotine variety for their e-liquid. The flavours and the clouds tend to be important considerations as well. If you vape regularly, you probably want to mix up your flavours. There is a very common issue where people who vape the same flavour regularly will no longer be able to taste it. The names for this situation vary, but they all essentially mean that your taste buds have gotten desensitised to a certain flavour. Luckily, you can wake them back up by switching flavours for a day or two.

Whatever reason you have for vaping, you should make sure that you are doing it in a way that satisfies your goals. If you’re trying to quit smoking, keep an eye on the nicotine content. If you’re just trying to enjoy yourself, buy a variety of flavours.