Proviron is one of the oldest steroids that have been manufactured by pharmacies. It is a anabolic and androgenic steroid which is quite powerful on how it works on the human body. This steroid continues to exist under various brand names. Its performance and capacity cannot be compared to other steroids available in the market. It is in a league of its own when it works on building muscle mass. This steroid is used in cutting phase of bodybuilding and is quite popular for lean muscle retention. Buy proviron 50.

Buying Proviron – A Guide

Medical uses of proviron

It is a FDA approved medication and used to treat men with androgenic deficiencies which may be caused during puberty. Primarily it is used to increase male fertility.

Uses of proviron

This drug is used in the mid phase of the cycle to enhance the total free state of other steroids. This done so that the potency of other steroids due to continuous use would have caused a drop in the effectiveness and proviron acts as booster and a new lease of life to the stack in the cycle.

During the cutting phases, some may go low on the testosterone use this is where proviron will help maintain the androgen levels. This usually is done in the off season cycles. The use of proviron may not be always necessary but it is good option to having larger doses of testosterone.

The reason why proviron is quite popular as it reduces the estrogenic side effects that are usually realised during the use of steroids when used by men. This causes enlargement of the breast tissues in males. This is also caused by water retention which proviron prevents.

There is increase in metabolism with the usage of proviron. The increase in sperm production was the first usage for which proviron was first manufactured. Hence it is a very good androgenic steroid. Proviron-Ver 50 is used for bodybuilding.

Side effects

It has very less percentage of side effects if used carefully. If you do not follow the recommended dosage, there could be virilisation in women, estrogenic effects if prolonged usage and higher dosages are taken by the user. Increase in cholesterol levels and the natural testosterone production is disturbed.

Dosage of proviron

Beginning with lower doses will help your body acclimatise to the steroid which will minimise the side effects. The male dosage range is in 50-75mg range in a day which can be further divided into two or three doses throughout the day. Veteran users may use 100-150mg per day as their body would have got used to such dosage.

Where to buy proviron

If you have a prescription it is found readily available in every pharmacy. It is relatively cheap compared to the functionality of the drug. It is found easily online but buyers have to aware not to buy from the black market and end up with counterfeit drugs. Avoid going in for generic brands and better to select high quality product when you set out for purchasing proviron.

Though proviron is banned in many countries for use in sport and otherwise than medical usage people who are fitness enthusiasts are always in the lookout for hoodwinking the law and purchase proviron.