When struggling with a mental illness, it is sometimes tough to see what treatment options are available and how they can help. Counselling is one of the most common treatment options for people struggling with mental illness, and it is often paired with other treatments. Just like many medical treatments for physical illness, counselling affects individuals in different ways and can offer varying degrees of help. Even those who are not suffering from mental illness but are experiencing a tough time can see positive impacts from counselling in Victoria BC! Below are ten ways that seeing a counsellor can potentially benefit you:

10 Ways Counselling Can Help

  1. Therapy can help you handle stress and overwhelming emotions more effectively, and you can learn techniques to bring yourself back to a calmer state in your most stressful times.
  2. Counselling teaches lessons about setting and reaching goals in attainable and healthy ways. No matter the goal, you may be able to see success with the help of a counsellor.
  3. You can learn key mindfulness techniques such as meditation which can help you quiet your mind, reduce distractions, and refocus on what is important.
  4. A therapist can help you view yourself from an outside perspective. This allows you to understand protective strategies or walls you may have held up in the past, and through understanding you can move past them.
  5. Counselling also emphasizes love for yourself and others. With guidance you can learn how to form healthy relationships and find those who love and respect you.
  6. Though it may be painful, talking through hurtful past memories can help you release the pain and other emotions you may hold close, such as anger or resentment.
  7. Through finding strength in yourself, you can learn how to say no when you need to. A large part of therapy involves setting boundaries with others in order to give yourself the space that you need and deserve.
  8. Conflict resolution also plays a large part in therapy, and this important skill involves better communication, courage to face conflict, and maturity in solving conflict.
  9.  A therapist can also help you to accept your reality and find peace in who you are. No matter your situation, you can learn to enjoy your life through a therapist’s support.
  10. While you need to learn to love what you have, there is also a need for transformation. A counsellor can support you as your initiate change and take control of your own destiny.

If you feel that any of these benefits could be a positive addition to your life, contact Heart & Oak Therapy today.