If ever there was a country that you simply ’must see’ then surely America has to be it. Packed full of some of the most exciting and energising cities on the planet as well as many of the world’s most iconic landmarks, the US presents untold options no matter what you’re into.

Even if you’ve never been to America before then you’re bound to have heard of at least a few of the sights below however, if there are a couple that catch your eye that you’d never considered experiencing then why not bite the bullet and go and see what all the fuss is about for yourself.

Come to America!

Statue of Liberty, New York City

One of the world’s foremost symbols of peace and protection, the Statue of Liberty stands at just over 150 feet tall on Liberty Island in the Upper New York Bay and has served as the first sight for immigrants since 1886. Viewing: take a ferry from Battery Park and watch as the first lady of America looms large.

The Freedom Trail, Boston

Boston’s Freedom Trail is an excellent chance to find out more about the American War of Independence as well as orientating yourself around the city. Follow the mainly red brick path around Boston which will take you to 17 sites of interest, including the: State House, Bunker Hill Monument and the USS Constitution.

The Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC

Where better to honour America’s 16th President than Washington DC? This incredible Greek style temple is situated on the monument-packed National Mall in the centre of the city and is a great place to sit and ponder the state of the nation. Must do: read up on Martin Luther King’s famous speech to put the memorial into contemporary context.

The Florida Keys

Located some 15 miles south of Miami at the end of the state’s peninsula, the Keys are a series of islands that are amongst the most beautiful natural spots in the whole of America. With plenty of marine sanctuaries and superb sun set beaches this is a must visit area for anyone interested in diving and snorkelling.

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Let’s go to San Francisco because, in a nutshell, it’s simply a gorgeous place to visit. As soon as you catch your first sighting of the spectacular suspension bridge that spans almost 9000 feet across the Bay then you’ll know that you’re in for a real treat to remember. Once you’ve crossed the Golden Gate Bridge then those world-famous streets are waiting to whisk you to paradise. Must do: take a tram to Fisherman’s Wharf and watch sea lions over a bread bowl of clam chowder – mmm!

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

This incredible land mass is one of the must see locations on the planet let alone America and if you’re planning your USA holidays at the moment then make sure you factor in a trip to Arizona. Carved by the Colorado River and the spiritual home of the indigenous Native Americans, a trip to the Grand Canyon is bound to be one of the most remarkable experiences that you’ll ever undertake.

Niagara Falls, New York State

Make sure you pack your umbrella for this one as you’re in for one heck of a soaking if you want to get up close to this awesome natural spectacle. Situated across the border with Canada, the Niagara Falls is actually made up of 3 water falls, Horseshoe, American and Bride Veil, and with a total height of well over 150 feet you’re guaranteed a photo opportunity to really relish.

Big Sur, California

If you fancy a road trip then there aren’t too many locations on earth that offer such exceptional views and from the crashing waves of the Pacific to the dense pine forests inland, picnic stops are simply to die for. Situated in California, between Carmel and San Luis Obispo, Big Sur is one of the best stretches of coastline that you could ever imagine and features everything from basking seal lions to reclusive movie stars.

The Strip, Las Vegas

Getting down and dirty in the desert isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but you’ve got to see the neon lights of Vegas at least once in your life and there’s no better place to start than the Strip. Casinos, bars, clubs and 24/7 entertainment is what it’s all about and no matter how fast you like life then this area of Las Vegas certainly won’t let you down.

Mardi Gras, New Orleans

Located down south in Louisiana, New Orleans promises a whole host of hot and sassy things to do and nothing comes hotter or sassier than the annual Mardi Gras that takes place every January and signals carnival time prior to Lent. Expect: loud costumes, awesome jazz and some of the finest Creole cuisine anywhere on the planet.