Sri Lanka is one of the beautiful country with several attractive spots. From nature lovers to adventurers, there are just so much to see, and activities to do when you visit the country. Beaches and mountains to visit, ancient cities and waterfalls to see, bird watching and surfing along the beaches, you can never go wrong by visiting Sri Lanka.

The following are some of the adventurous incredible spots in Sri Lanka:

Deep South

The Deep South of this country is becoming famous as among the world’s best locations for watching Sperm Whales and Blue Whales. When you need to watch these two types of whales together, this might turn out to be the best location in the whole world to do this.

Kithulgala and Avissawella

The country’s best Rain Forest areas with abundant fauna and lush vegetation. Why not take a hike a hike here into the jungle reserve where you are going to cross streams, rivers and waterholes? The rivers could be crossed through the bridge, or like the locals do here, by a catamaran. You are going to meet en route some exotic plant life and different wildlife such as monkeys, lizards, birds and water monitors among others. For those who love nature, this is an incredible spot to capture nature as you hike.

Incredible Adventurous Spots In Sri Lanka

Sandun Ella Waterfall

Do you want to have an experience of sheer adrenaline and sense of achievement? Well, you can take a 100-feet controlled abseil decent off this waterfall. You step at the top, and you are going to be surrounded by incredible panoramic view of the mountains at your feet. This is among the country’s most attractive mountain range and you are just going to enjoy abseiling and mountain climbing here.


Located 64 km off Colombo Beruwala is found to be a fishing city that bustles with traditional fisher folks as well as beaches you can relax in There are kayaking tours taking you along the coast to Beruwala. Here, you are going to enjoy some sumptuous seafood barbecue on the Light House Island. You can snorkel around this island where you will see many of underworld wonders of the seas. The coral gardens, along the coast is also a must see.

Yala West (Ruhuna) National Park

This spot is recognised as among the best parks in the world to observe and take photographs of leopards. This park covers an area of above 100,000 hectares and it’s divided into five blocks. Your best chance when you need to see a leopard is normally early in the morning, and again at dusk. The big cats have becomes used to jeeps thus you can enjoy uninterrupted magnificent view of the animals.

Udawalawe National Park

The park lies on the boundary of Uva and Sabaragamuwa Provinces. It was created to offer sanctuary for wild animals that were displaced by the construction of Udawalawe reservoir and to protect the catchment of the reservoir. The habitat surrounding the park is the Walawe River and its tributaries and marshes. There are different species recorded in the park including 94 plants, 33 reptiles, 184 birds, 43 mammals and 135 species of butterflies. This is a vital habitat for Sri Lankan Elephants and water birds. This is also an incredible spot to visit when you need to lose yourself among nature.

In order to experience the adventures in Sri Lanka, ensure that your Srilankan visa is in line with your travel requirements.