Currently available for iOS devices, Yuemey social networking app is a perfect app that has proven to be the best for millennials. While anyone can use it, it’s essentially designed for the millennials. But does it live up to the purpose? Well, it’s a departure from social networking apps such as LinkedIn and Facebook making it one of the best. Although the profile that you create is slightly similar to other social networking platforms, it has some special features.

While you can still reveal your professional profile, it has a new welcome sight that actually defines it as a social professional platform. As a visual tool, you can use it to explain that you are a professional and use videos to give a review of your background and even showcase most of your interests and skills. This feature also makes it very easy to tell a detailed story about your life which is one of the best ways to present yourself to those who are interested in you.Yuemey also lets you create and join specific groups that can fulfill your interests and endeavors in the best way.


· It allows you to navigate career relationships with ease.

· You can replace the boring resume with a stunning profile.

· You can use it to make your first memorable impression using videos.

· You can manifest the power of thought using it.

· Use my story to narrate your professional experiences.

· Go through the world of inspiration by sharing with others what inspires you.

· You can easily share your interest and skills with recruiters.

Signing up

After downloading it, you need to create an account. You can sign up using Instagram, Facebook or even email. While you can use it on iPad or iPhone it only uses portrait. It has 5 sections namely groups, homes, messages, search, and notifications. After signing up, you need to work on your profile and ensure that it’s complete and looks professional. Once you are done then you should find the groups to join or create.

What makes Yuemey social networking app stand out

What makes it stands out is that it has a Geolocation feature hence you can easily get and join the groups near you or that are located in the desired area. Each group has features that include role assignment, group chat, mentioning members, and members search. It’s also a good way of pinpointing the right people that also share your location and interests. This makes it easy to get in touch with them. With such improvements, this social networking app can deliver on its promises.

So, if you are looking for a professional way to network, Yuemey might be the app of choice.