Microsoft Office is still the queen regarding office applications. Sometimes we do not have the budget to pay for a license. The office is activated from acquiring new licenses. It happens a lot more than we would like to see in a business environment and our homes with our computers. Here are the 6 ways you can keep using the most used office for free.

6 ways you can use Microsoft Office without paying

Here are 6 ways to have Microsoft Office free, without paying anything at all.

Office 365 test – 30 days

You know that with Office 365 you can pay an amount per month or year to have access to all versions of Office. Let’s talk about the platform that we speak. Well, in the purest Spotify style we can use a one-month test to check how the service is going before we start paying for it. Yes, they will ask you for the data to invoice and if you neglect. Do not deactivate the automatic renewal. They will start charging you to use it.

Office Professional Plus Test – 60 days + 180 extra

Similarly, the Office Professional Plus test works with the difference. There we will not have to give any payment information. There is no possibility of an automatic renewal that we can extend our test with a little trick. Of course, the installer is a bit special when it comes to giving files. So, arm yourself with some patience and a program that allows you to extract files from a .img file or a program. It allows you to run them, or a free disk in which to record it.

Office Online

The web version of Microsoft Office created in conjunction with SkyDrive (now OneDrive). It wants us to stop using Google Drive is free. You can work with the documents we have in OneDrive storage in a somewhat more limited way.

Office Mobile

The applications have become free for all, and we will only need one Office 365 account if we want to edit the documents on an iPad. If we complement it with Office Online, we can work with our documents anywhere for free. The disadvantage is you will be tied to OneDrive to work. You will need a permanent connection to the Internet.


OneNote repeats the situation of Office Mobile: right now it has become a free multiplatform service such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. You can use to take notes anywhere. It will probably compete with services like Evernote or Google Keep. Do not expect any of the functions of Word, Excel or PowerPoint in OneNote.

Windows 8 or 10 devices with Office included

After all these ways, we have one option: buy a computer or device that includes Microsoft Office. Something would spare us paying monthly or annually for an Office 365 account or having to buy an Office license. In general, Microsoft includes Office on devices where you would not want to use them.

Final thought,

Office is the most well known and widely used suite of office applications. Its programs are used in many jobs and companies. Apply our 6 ways to use office application without paying and enjoy.