Lovely South Carolina is located in the Southeastern portion of America. To the north is North Carolina and its neighbor on the west-side is Georgia. Residents of South Carolina enjoy the beaches and sea view offered by the Atlantic Ocean on the east-side of the state.

This beautiful state has a rich history. It was one of the 13 colonies that stated its independence from British rule during the American Revolution. From beaches to towns that showcase its vibrant past, South Carolina is one of the best places to live in the whole country. Let us help you find the right real estate in Charleston SC MLS.

Your Guide to Living in South Carolina

The People

The state of South Carolina has an estimated population of about 4.7 million people. The three cities with the most number of occupants are Columbia, Charleston, and North Charleston. The majority of the warm southern people living in South Carolina are Baptists and other Christians. Most the citizens consider themselves politically conservative.

There is a huge list of famous people who were either born in South Carolina or consider South Carolina a big part of their identity. This includes personalities such as comedian Chris Rock, Weeds actress Mary Louise-Parker, Physics Nobel Prize winner Charles Townes and many more.

Local Economy

South Carolina produces plenty of agricultural goods. The state is a big producer of tobacco, cows, chickens, dairy, pigs and rice. Aside from agricultural work, citizens are also employed in industries that deal with automobiles, paper products, chemicals and textiles. Over 80 percent of the state’s economy is found in the service sector.

Just like other states of America, South Carolina’s unemployment rate went up during the 2008 global crisis. The great news is that there is a steady decline in the number of jobless citizens since then. A big reason for this is that South Carolina has profited from several huge corporations moving into the state.

The state labor laws are very appealing to companies. Foreign firms are often attracted to the economic environment of South Carolina. There are over 2,000 foreign-owned businesses that employ local workers. The chances of landing a job if you live in South Carolina are very high compared to many other states.


Residents of the state enjoy a climate that is not too extreme. Even during winters and summers, it is not common to experience extreme heat or cold days. Tornadoes are very rare in the area and locals need not build a tornado shelter. The weather however can get humid. It’s best to prepare for tropical cyclones and thunderstorms especially in the afternoons.

With a cost of living that is five percent lower than the American average, South Carolina is a very attractive option. The number of jobs are increasing and more companies are making South Carolina their headquarters’ location. Enjoy comfortable winters with your family while taking trips to the beaches during summer. This is one state where the American dream is a very real possibility.