The autumn/winter season is here and so are the latest trends that make us practical and stylish throughout the colder months. Men are becoming far more concerned with the fashion choices they make and are embracing the opportunity to make bold statements through their ensembles. Whether they opt for the personalised look with the ability to customise their clothes with help from Patch Superstore for example or go for more of a mainstream look indulging in classic shirts and smart blazers.

fashion01The modern man is becoming more accustomed to fashion, accessories, hair and skin care and body art as they take far more care over their appearance and begin to follow fashion rules and catwalk suggestions for each season. Fashion stems from catwalk looks, high-end designers and the people that fully embrace the key styles. It becomes a chain of events as each look is transferred down for both and men and women to adopt.

Fashion By Category

People, more often than not, fall into categories regarding their tastes and activities and this is defined by the fashion looks they accept and commit to.

fashion02Indie – the definition of this fashion category is someone who is artistic and original and outside of the mainstream. They have a stereotypical style that consists of dark denim skinny jeans, t-shirts, van trainers and checked shirts.

Geek – this is a relatively new trend in the fashion world and is summarised perfectly in its name. Vintage geek looks are considered to be chic and slogan t-shirts, chinos, wide rimmed glasses and buttoned shirt collars.

Urban – this is the more relaxed side of style that does not tend to deviate from its laid back nature. Loose fitting jeans, boots and leather jackets are effortlessly stylish and the epitome of comfort and functionality.

Preppy – this look typically resembles the private educated schoolboy look and consists of blazers and crisp shirts with coloured drainpipe jeans and the lack of fear surrounding the colour pink.

Autumn/Winter Trends

Some of the most high profile looks for men this season cover each of the fashion categories to allow men to combine fashion with comfort and encourage them to embrace their inner stylist.

Bomber Jackets

Winter coats are a thing of the past and bomber jackets are the new way to keep warm this winter.


The sleeveless padded jacket is the epitome of practical style and patterned and fur lined waistcoats are key looks.


Roll Necks

The chunky turtleneck has made a comeback to the catwalk and is perfect for the preppy style worn with drainpipe jeans.

Leather Gloves

Sophisticated fashion accessories are an essential throughout the 2013 winter season and burgundy and yellow are the most stylish colours.

Floral Print

The print is not for everyone and only the bravest of men will take on the boldness of flowers. But for those that are passionate about prints, shirts, jackets and t-shirts are perfect for floral.


Male accessories are a great way of complimenting an outfit and woven and leather looks are easy to wear and finish any ensemble.

Coloured Trousers

Last season the coloured skinny jean was huge and now colours are taking over silhouette form fitting trousers. Red, orange, blue, purple, green and yellow are the best looks.