Having the custom built home of your dreams doesn’t have to be a fantasy.  It can be a practical, economical bridge between your dreams and your needs throughout the years.  Custom home builder Victoria BC specialists want you to be aware of some of the wonderful benefits of a custom built home.

The Lotus Project Management team has been building custom homes for over 30 years.  They’ve seen major changes in energy saving systems, better land usage, advancements in construction materials, and changes in design that enable owners to adapt their homes to changing lifestyle needs.

Your Custom Built Home Doesn’t Have To Be A Fantasy

Custom Home Economy

Many people don’t associate a custom built home with economy but today’s custom homes can be just that.    Custom home builders Victoria BC understand the economic benefits of efficiently designed and built houses:

  • Space – Square footage doesn’t always equate to spaciousness.  Smaller, well designed homes maximize all usable space and create the sense of spaciousness through higher, sloped or cathedral ceilings and larger windows to visually enhance the home.
  • Open floor plan– Once a trend, open floor plans have proven to be practical spaces for living, working, smoother and more safe traffic flow, and saving energy.
  • Natural light – Let the light in without increasing your energy bills.  Advances in widow and door technology enable your home to remain more energy friendly all season long.
  • Flexibility – More people are living longer lives and choosing to do so in the comfort of their own homes.  Flexible design adapts to and accommodates the changing needs of a household over time.
  • Great design and quality construction – A great design is a combination of function and style.  Quality construction ensures that your home has greater durability, safety, and lower maintenance and usage costs.

Personalised Beauty and Quality

A custom built home offers the homeowner options for selecting specific conveniences features, and finishings.  And when completed, the new home seems to sparkle with personalised beauty and function.  It looks good and makes the owner feel good, too.

  • Getting what you want – Custom home builders Victoria BC work with you through the design, construction, and finishing stages.  Your finished home is what you want – not based on the design constraints of a developed community plan.
  • Quality – Your custom built home is the perfect opportunity for taking advantage of all the advances in products, materials, and construction from start to finish.

Lotus Project Management can help you build the custom home of your dreams.  They will guide you “from concept to completion”.  Your custom built home will no longer be a costly dream:  it will be a lovely, practical home that adapts with your needs for many happy years.