Britain is a country with numerous romantic places and beautiful sights. From vast breathtaking landscapes, charming hotels, exquisite food to villages and towns steeped in rich history and culture; there is so much to choose from for that perfect romantic getaway. Some of the most romantic places to explore include:

The Royal Palaces

The magnificence and splendour of the Royal Palaces is perfect for romance. Whether its a tour of Kensington Palace, through the King’s Gallery or a stroll in the lush gardens, the Palaces will inspire love-birds. You can enjoy a fantastic view of River Thames as you unwind at Hampton Court Palace and take in the medieval beauty of the Great Hall, where Shakespeare’s classics were performed in the 15th century.


From its endless coastline, to its verdant countryside, Wales provides the perfect backdrop for that romantic getaway. You can explore the beautiful Lyn peninsula and stroll hand in hand along its sandy beaches. There are many quiet coves that provide the perfect spot for an intimate picnic. The sweeping countryside is breathtaking and you can have a fantastic view of the valley of Brecon Beacons at sunset. You can go on walks or horseback and explore the hills which are even more stunning in winter, swathed in soft snow.

You Should Know About The Romantic Britain


This is one of the oldest and most adored towns in Britain and is also full of promise. The thermal springs of Bath are natural spas ideal for some quality time and pampering. You can enjoy a drive out into the countryside and explore its charm. There are many hotels near Bath that are perfect for couples and offer accommodation in rustic settings, complete with roaring fireplaces to warm up cold nights. To experience Bath even better, you can enjoy a river cruise for two on the River Avon, complete with a candlelit dinner.

Stratford-upon-Avon Shakespeare’s Birth Place

Famous for being the birthplace of William Shakespeare, this charming city is surrounded by the historical mystique of his classics and is a lovers haven. The charm of this picturesque city is evident all around, from the shaded walkways, the boutique inns to the boats lining the waterway. The famous house where Shakespeare’s love lived is a museum that will appeal to literature and history lovers. The Royal Shakespeare Company also showcases the literary giant’s classics.


This is a favourite spot for couples as it has a great romantic atmosphere. You can enjoy the breath-taking architecture and Romanesque design of the town and take strolls along the narrow cobbled streets. It offers a relaxed atmosphere away from the busy city-life. You can find unique accommodation in traditional manors and Georgian villas and have a taste of old England living. Moreover, you and your partner can enjoy authentic English cuisine.


This beautiful cathedral city exudes romance and is ideal for couples. The cathedral and castle make it a very historically rich town and the setting transforms greatly at night, when the buildings are illuminated. The River Wear has its appeal too and quite a number of proposals have occurred here, especially on boat rides. In addition, you can enjoy a romantic evening walk along the River and spend some quality time in the Old Durham Gardens, surrounded by wild flowers and old terraces.

These are just of the few of the many romantic places in Britain.