If you feel that you come carrying those extra kilos several months ago and still cannot find the way to take them off, it’s time to leave aside the sacrificial diets and failed attempts to resist all your favorite foods. You may be helping the gym, but that only effort is not enough. With this habit you will achieve the perfect balance that your body needs to lose fat and then eventually stay at that weight. The key is to control your glycemic index.

The Enemy Ingredient

After an investigation, it was concluded that they are not fat what more we restrain ourselves, but refined carbohydrates. It was found that both sugars and refined carbohydrates can be even more fatal to control your weight, so you should maintain a diet of high protein intake and low consumption of white flour.

What is the Effect on Our Body?

When we consume food produced with flour and refined sugar such as cakes, pastries and bread, our level of blood glucose rises, and the effect they have on our bodies once the levels of blood sugar down, it’s cause we have more eager to follow and keep eating.

Less Consumption

However, it is inevitable that some days we whim or can not resist these yummy snacks. But you should not feel guilty about this, or stop eating for the rest of the day. All you care is the level of glycemic index of foods you eat and how? Instead of opting for carbohydrates with a high rate, choose those that contain a lower rate.

Measure Index

The scale of rates is Measured from 0 to 100, Usually a food with an index Between 1 and 55 is low, from 56 to 69 is average and from 70 to 100 is extremely high (food Whose consumption Should limit to controlling your weight). Foods high level are white rice, refined flour, cereal box, try to choose whole grain products, beans, nuts and other complex carbohydrates.

If you acquire the habit of measuring the glycemic index of foods you eat every day, then you will do it Automatically and keep your body weight you want to be much simpler. Remember, it’s all about balance in your Maintaining a consumption, you shouldn’t 100% deprive yourself of the foods that you will frustrate and enjoy again and again.