If you’re a regular fitness freak, you must be knowing that achieving fitness in terms of health is not only because of dedication and motivation but the kind of clothes you wear also makes the difference. The wrong kind of clothes can make you vulnerable to gym mishaps. On the other hand, the right kind of clothes protects you from such accidents. They keep the sweat away, protect your sensitive skin, and displays your body movements clearly. So, before you shop for gym wears, try to read about what to wear while on the workout.

Today, we will talk what kind of workout apparels you should avoid while you visit the gym:

1.100 percent cotton clothes: cotton is clearly a comfortable fabric but when you’re preparing for the gym to do some workout you should avoid cotton clothes. Cotton is cool but cotton absorbs sweat, hence will get wet and the sweat will stick to you unless you remove your clothes. This sweat will lead to any mishaps in the gym because your body will be slippery and you might not be able to properly hold the gym dumbells & rods.

2. Worn out footwears: If you’re a kind of person who believes in kicking out your shoes unless the soles come out, beware! You’re literally doing a disservice to your feets. While working out it’s necessary to wear the right kind of shoes to avoid joint damage and avoid any gym accidents while standing on a slick studio floor. This will happen because of lack of solid grip which you’ll fail to establish with your deteriorated shoes and poor arch support. If your feet are not being supported by your shoes, you’re probably going to suffer from knee and foot pain.

3. Unsupportive sports bra: If you’re wearing a bra that doesn’t fit properly, you’ll not be able to focus on the workout and all your attention will be diverted on the uncomfortable sports bra. Also, the wrong sports bra won’t be able to protect your ligaments and tissues in your chest during the workout which the good quality sports bra are capable of.

4. Unnecessary wearables hardware: Jewellery that hangs around your neck, your ear, and other body parts or other apparels that are not necessary for the gym should be restraint from using. Anything that diverts your attention from workout should not be brought to a gym.  

5.  Loud Ear gear: Loud music is a really cool way to pump yourself with the energy to get in the zone. But, louder the music less you become aware of your surroundings and become vulnerable to accidents. Make sure you don’t wear ear gears if they ain’t necessary or turn the volume low.

6.Too loose attire: Loose clothes are very comfortable at times you’re lounging but dressing in the same loose clothes while you workout is a big blunder. Wearing loose clothes might turn into a gym hazard and might get into the way of your usual workout.