Talented players take part in many national championships. Yet, they show themselves most strongly and brightly in five European championships. These leagues have the highest organization of tournaments, lots of Champions League predictions and great competition. The leading European leagues are already brands with a strong economic platform and great authority. Here are the top 3 of them.

Ligue 1, France

Until 1930, there was no professional soccer in France. That year, the National Football Federation decided to create a league of professional teams. Then the number of participants was determined, and the selection criteria were set. The team had to have positive results, have income from ticket sales, at least 8 players of the club must be professionals.

Many teams didn’t take part in the first championships. Yet, almost all clubs from the south of France immediately decided to take part in the competition.

Bundesliga, German

RB Leipzig became the first German champion. In 1903, this team won this title and went down in history forever. But until 1964, this competition was confusing. Some regions were limited to their tournaments.

In 1962, the national federation voted for the creation of the united Bundesliga. Preparations took two years. 1. FC Köln was the first winner of the Bundesliga.

Serie A, Italy

The National Championship of Italy has been held since 1898. Yet, then the tournament was divided into territorial groups. In 1929, arrangers decided to switch it to a circular format. Bologna was the first winner of the tournament.

The most titled in the league today is Juventus F.C. The next ones are Milan and Internazionale. Each of them has become champions 18 times. Juve has already held the title for nine consecutive times.

In a nutshell, people watch these championships, even if they have never played football in reality. Regular viewers get engaged with this game, regardless of gender and age.