A head injury can be a terrifying experience that is damaging on its own. Along with the pain and initial injury, it can also lead to many other problems. These problems come with a variety of issues on their own on top of the complications from the head injury.

Behavioral Problems

A head injury affects the way that the brain works in many different ways. It can cause a person to become more afraid or more cautious when it comes to similar experiences. It can also change the way a person thinks and feels about certain things.

Memory Loss

Most head injuries, no matter how small, will lead to even slight memory loss. This is a result of the brain being bounced around in the head and damaged even just a little bit. It is important to use your memory as much as possible immediately after the injury to help prevent against longer term and more serious memory loss.

Coordination Issues

A head injury can cause different aspects of the way that you physically move to change. From equilibrium changes to shifts in the way that the brain fires signals throughout the body, head injuries can lead to loss of coordination or even complete loss of movement within the body. This can generally be improved by physical therapy, but it will never completely heal.

6 Ways Head Injuries Can Lead To Other Serious Medical Issues

Severe Headaches

Most people understand how painful and debilitating a headache can be, but people that have suffered from a head injury may experience headaches that are much more painful than average. The headaches are often severe enough to affect the quality of life and damage the way a person approaches all aspects of life.

Emotional Issues

A head injury can cause a person to experience different emotions that they may not have felt before the injury. These emotions can range anywhere from feelings of mania to feelings of extreme anxiety. Often, these emotions are felt due to a misfiring in the brain after it has been damaged in some way because of a head injury.

Spinal Cord Issues

Head injuries can also lead to complications in the spinal cord area. Since this area contains the processing system for sending signals throughout the body, it is extremely debilitating to experience the injury. A spinal cord complication can change the whole direction of a person’s life, even causing them to become permanently and completely paralyzed. Now, if you suffered any of these injuries due to an accident, you should get in touch with an attorney. The pros at Bronson Jones & Co are great to work with and can help you get a settlement if you feel like you deserve one. Most people do end up getting money, so the process is worth it.